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This 6 week course will support you to evaluate sustainability and environmental management within your organisation and in light of industry best practice, make recommendations for improvement. Delivered online with interactive webinars, by industry expert tutors, this 6 week course is ideal for anyone seeking to gain an insight into sustainability and environmental management as it relates specifically to facilities management.

Start Date
23rd May 2023
IWFM Level 5
Portobello Institute
Course Duration
6 weeks


Sustainability and environmental management and its impact on facilities management is on the agenda of every facilities manager. Being able to develop and manage policy, consider the impact of the facilities management function on the environment and engage key stakeholders to adapt and adopt new processes are key skills covered during this short course.

Here are some reasons to choose to study with Portobello:

  • Accelerated programme completing this award in 6 weeks, getting you qualified to apply your skills faster.
  • Career focused qualifications – our courses lead to awards that offer you the opportunity to immediately advance your career.
  • Notable professional body award – IWFM is among the top-ranking professional bodies for Facilities Managers.
  • Individualised support – we fit your learning model with support available when you need it throughout your learning journey.
  • Industry expert tutors – our tutors are all industry practitioners connecting research and theory with industry practice throughout their lectures.
  • Condensed scheduling – we value your time by ensuring your timetable is optimised for delivery, helping you maintain a work/life/study balance.
  • Flexible delivery – we deliver theory sessions online whilst also recording the session simultaneously offering you a choice of when and how you learn.
  • Affordable payment options – all our courses offer you the option to choose an easy payment plan supporting you to spread the cost out over your learning journey.

Why should I study this course?

This course has been specifically designed for delivery by online learning with live interactive webinar sessions. It is very suited to you if you have a busy work and home life and want to fit study around this. During the induction, you will be given your log-in details to the online portal, “ePortobello”. Here you will find course notes, reading lists, articles of interest and assessment guidelines. The content is structured in an easy to “find and follow” format. You will need basic computer skills such as searching the internet and typing a word document.

IWFM 5 Sustainability & Environmental Issues in FM Course

There is one to one tutor support available to you during your learning journey. You can upload your assessments and your support tutor will give you feedback on whether you are on the right track. Online learning allows you to study at your time with support available when you need it. Integrated throughout the programme are webinars, designed to give you the connection between theory and practice in facilities management.

Who will recognise my qualification?

This UK Level 5 unit certificate in “Sustainability and environmental management and the impact on facilities management” is awarded by the Institute for Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM). A UK Level 5 award is mapped closely to align with a level 7 award on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Students are registered with IWFM.

Qualifications Frameworks in Ireland and the UK

The Irish and UK qualifications authorities have collaborated on initiatives that promote the transparency, recognition and mobility of qualifications between our respective jurisdictions. The qualifications authorities in the UK and Ireland have agreed the qualifications frameworks in operation, Brexit will not impact this agreement.

What will I study during this IWFM 5 Sustainability & Environmental Issues in FM – Starts May ’23 course?

You will further develop skills such as critically analysing and problem solving in the context of strategic decision making. Practical industry insights and presentations ensure that students relate theory to real-life work scenarios.

  • IWFM 5 Sustainability & Environmental Management and the Impact on FM

    The Learning outcomes for this award include;

    1. Be able to develop and manage a policy that protects the environment and supports corporate responsibility
      1. Identify relevant legislation associated with sustainability & environmental issues
      2. Undertake a review of the environmental hazards created by the operation of a business and the management systems used to control them.
      3. Develop a policy to improve and protect the working environment
      4. Explain how the policy will be managed
      5. Analyse how the environmental policy contributes to an organisation’s corporate responsibility
    2. Understand the impact of the facilities management function on the environment
      1. Undertake a review of the impact of the facilities management function on the environment
      2. Explain how the Facilities Manager will manage the outcome of the review
      3. Research new and innovative developments in environmental management and make recommendations for an organisation
    3. Be able to improve environmental awareness and corporate responsibility in facilities management
      1. Investigate ways to increase the engagement of stakeholders
      2. Undertake a range of strategies to increase awareness and involvement of key stakeholders in relation to environmental practices and sustainability
    4. Be able to manage waste
      1. Undertake a review of the methods and systems used to manage waste and evaluate to what extent these comply with legislation and best practice
      2. Make recommendations to improve the management of waste

Who will I learn from?

Personal Academic Tutor

Each student is assigned a personal academic tutor to support you throughout your learning journey. They are available to offer you telephone and email support at any time. You can arrange to meet them for further one to one guidance at a time convenient to you.

Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion. Emailing your tutor at any stage during your programme to ask a query or submit a draft of your assessment supports you to achieve your personal best throughout your studies with Portobello.

This level of one to one support is a particular benefit to choosing Portobello as your Institute of choice to complete your studies.

Henry Sheahan

Position: Facilities Management Lecturer

About Henry

Henry is currently employed as a Director in a Law firm with responsibility for several support services including Facilities, Procurement, and Health & Safety. He has a wealth of industry experience in Financial Services, Retail, Private Health Care, Public Sector, Telecommunications, and Software and has worked as an associate lecturer and trainer with several colleges and professional bodies for the past twenty-five years.

Henry is a lead lecturer on the IWFM programs levels 3 and 4, delivers in-house training on behalf of the Portobello Institute, and has a role as an internal verifier.

Henry holds a BBS in Procurement and Supply Chain is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering and holds a certificate in Training and Development (HETAC Level 6). Has a Level 7 from NQAI in Health and Safety and holds a Level 9 in Education and Training.

He is passionate about his subject matter and is most approachable and uses a wide range of techniques to enhance learner interest.

Qualifications Held

  • Postgraduate in Education and Training
  • BBS in Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Graduate of Mechanical Engineering
  • Certificate in Training and Development
  • Level 7 Health and Safety
  • Certificate in Personal Development,
  • Leadership Skills and RPL

How will I learn?

Delivery Mode

Online with Webinars Delivery

This course is designed for delivery online with live interactive webinars. The e-learning platform is interactive including recorded sessions, webinars with weekly content and assigned tasks to themes and topics.

The interactive webinars are designed to support students understand the requirements of the learning outcomes, the expectations of the assessment and meet their tutor for the module.

All online webinars are recorded for you to catch-up later. You may have the option to attend a lecture delivered onsite – these onsite lectures will simultaneously be delivered online and will also be recorded so you can customise your learning journey – attend on-site, online, or catch-up later.

Having the flexibility to choose whether you attend a lecture as it is taking place or to catch up later means you can seamlessly access and fit education into your life whilst still continuing with your everyday life.

Course Structure

This is an online learning course with interactive webinars. The duration of the course is 6 weeks to include time to complete the assessment after the final webinar.

Webinars are held on 3 scheduled Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm to 9pm. There is a support workshop scheduled for students seeking additional support with the assessment.

Attendance at seminars is not mandatory but is encouraged for optimal learning outcomes.

All of the course material is held on an e-learning portal which is an easy to use online platform specifically designed for online learning programmes. During the induction, students will be introduced to the platform with practical demonstration of how to use the portal and access lessons quickly and easily. To complete this course, students must have a basic knowledge of using a computer and searching the internet for research purposes.

Tutor Support

The assessment and expectations for successful completion are covered in detail. You can email your tutor at any stage during the module to ask a simple query or submit a draft of your assessment. Our programme management team are always available to offer you telephone and email support and if you need to, you can arrange to meet them for further one to one guidance.

Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion.  This level of one to one support is a particular benefit to choosing this mode of study. Portobello Institute has invested in a team of programme managers and tutors who are experienced in the field of Facilities Management as well as qualified and knowledgeable educators. They are available to assist you at every stage of this programme.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar, in the context of online learning, is a lecturer delivering a presentation or class online to a group of students. We use specifically designed e-learning software so you can participate in the class just as if you were present in the same room. You can ask a question of the lecturer at any stage during the class. The software is designed with “break-out rooms” where you can discuss a topic or complete a group exercise with a smaller group from your class. You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has internet connection, an audio facility so you can hear and speak during the class and a camera so your lecturer and fellow class participants can see you. The webinar is a secure online environment and only those permitted entry by the lecturer can gain access to the “classroom”. Webinars are recorded during each session and should you miss a session, you can catch up with the recorded session at a later date. You will only be able to access Webinars of the group you are assigned to.

Course Delivery Schedule

This course commences 23/05/23 and runs until 27/06/23.

Interactive webinar held on the following Tuesday evenings.

  • Tuesday 23rd May ’23 – 6.30pm – 9pm
  • Tuesday 30th May ’23 – 6.30pm – 9pm
  • Thursday, 1st June ’23 – 6.30pm – 9pm – assessment support (optional)

Webinars are recorded so you may review at a later stage if you are unable to attend the live sessions.

Assessment Submission

The final assessment submission date is 09/07/23.

Assessments are submitted via our e-learning portal and must be submitted before midnight of the date published.

How will I be assessed?

The assessments for this award is a work based assignment. The purpose of this assessment is to support you to apply the relevant theory and scenario-based learning with the practical implementation in your workplace.

Career prospects

This IWFM award is designed to complement the many other qualifications such as a BSc (Hons) in Facilities Management held by facilities managers or those managing workplace environments. This award gives graduates the opportunity to apply for roles requiring a knowledge of sustainability and environmental management as it applies to Facilities Management.

If you hold an undergraduate degree and are seeking a post-graduate qualification, consider our Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation for Sustainability in the Workplace.


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Speak to an expert

Choosing a course that will lead you to your career of choice is a significant decision. Understanding the delivery modes, supports available, career opportunities and further study options are all key considerations when making your choice. Our course adviser team are experts in the courses Portobello offers, the employment prospects and possible progression routes to Masters programmes – they will guide you through the detail and support you with any queries you may have.

It is important you make the right choice for you and choose the Institute and course that will best suit your needs.

Your Consultant

Brandon McLean

I am Brandon McLean, the Corporate Admissions Manager here at the Portobello Institute and I can be contacted on 01 892 0035.

Education is a journey and the destination is a career that you love. I support the department that helps you to plan your journey so you can find the path that’s right for you. I have been with Portobello since 2018 and I love the elation that you can see on the face and hear in the voice of a student who talks through a complicated goal, who we can provide with a simple solution. When the conversation has finished and they can clearly see the path forward, I am thrilled. Education is a milestone in determining your future, and I cannot think of a better milestone to have a hand in.

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How do I apply?

Entry is by direct application to Portobello Institute.

This qualification is designed for those already working in facilities managers with a minimum of 3 years experience.

Our experienced course adviser team are available to support you with your programme choice. If you are unsure if this programme is right for you, please email your cv to for further advice or call him on 01-8920035.

We will support you to map your experience to date and any previous educational experience you may have to the IWFM programmes so that you can select the course best suited to your career ambition and educational experience.

Application Process

Step 1

Complete the online booking form.

Apply Now

Step 2

Applicants will be contacted to confirm entry requirements are met.

Step 3

Confirmation of a place will be given to applicants immediately meeting the criteria.

Please note places on this course are only confirmed once tuition fees have been received. Early Application is advised.

Fees & Payment Options


Course Price

Per academic year.


Exam Body Reg. Fee

Per academic year.


Full Payment

Total amount payable.