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Delivered online with webinars, this course examines all elements relating to Waste Management including Sustainability and Environmental Issues and their impact on all sectors of Business and Community.

Start Date
6th October 2021
Portobello Institute
Course Duration
6 weeks


This exciting new programme examines all elements relating to Waste Management including Sustainability and Environmental Issues and their impact on all sectors of Business and Community.

The delivery of this programme is by interactive webinar sessions and online learning allowing you the flexibility to study from a location convenient to you. Webinars are recorded allowing you the opportunity to catch up should you miss a session.

As an academic Institution we recognise, in Portobello Institute, every student has different needs. We allocate additional time at the end of each webinar for Q&A with the module lecturer. This interactive webinar, together with the one to one support available, gives a learning journey unique to your learning style and needs.

Why should I study this course?

Waste Management is the precise name for the collection, transport, disposal and/or recycling and monitoring of waste and is the term assigned to the waste material that is produced through human activity. Waste material is managed to avoid its adverse effect over human health and the environment.

Waste disposal for organisations can be costly. Effective waste management can make your organisation more cost effective, conserve energy and can also prevent the environment from being harmed.

Who will recognise my qualification?

Upon completion of this course you will hold a Portobello Institute certificate in Waste Management, Sustainability and Environmental Issues.

What will I study during this Waste Management, Sustainability & Environmental Issues course?

During this course, you will gain an understanding of waste regulations and legislation compliance. You will identify practical steps for waste prevention/reduction and waste management planning, and understand the importance of Waste Management Good Practice.

You will learn how to effectively manage waste management contracts – guidance around specifying contract terms, preparing a tender, understanding/minimising risk, KPIs, data requirements, costs etc. You will also have the opportunity to assist in the development of a waste management plan.

During this programme you will cover the following topics;

  • Principles of Waste Management
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Impact of Waste Management on the environment
  • How to manage waste and its safe disposal
  • How to improve environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Principles of Management, Strategy and Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Procurement, Contracts, SLA’s, KPI’s etc
  • Communications Strategy

Who will I learn from?

Programme Manager

Gerry Kelly

For over 40 years Gerry worked in both the Private and Public Sectors. During that time he held the position of Chief Executive with a Semi State Organisation; Press Secretary to the Minister for Finance and Minister for Labour; Senior Director Roles in Public Relations, Human Resources, Facilities Management, Customer Service, Corporate and Social Responsibility and Emotional Intelligence in State and Semi State Bodies. Prior to working in the Public Sector he worked in the Printing Industry where he introduced the first computer setting facility to the Commercial Printing Sector in Ireland. He was also Ireland’s Graphic Designer of the Year.

Working with Portobello Institute for the past 2 years he provides student support on its BIFM Programmes along with lecturing on the Institutes CSR, Customer Relations, Strategic Management and Risk Management Programmes. His main reason for lecturing is to continue working with people on their personal and career development while sharing with them his world of work experiences.

Gerry has direct hands-on and tutoring experience of almost 20 years in the areas of Customer Service, Active Citizenship and Corporate and Social Responsibility and has studied Active Citizenship and Corporate and Social Responsibility at North Western University Chicago; Advanced Strategic Management and International Marketing at the International Management Development Institute, Geneva; Commerce at UCD and Senior Executive Development, Irish Management Institute.

Working with Multi National Corporations in Ireland, the US and Europe he designed, developed, tutored and implemented over 100 Corporate and Social Responsibility, Customer Service, Education, Emotional Intelligence and Cross Border Programmes targeted at influencing and improving the work opportunities and lives of people living in the Inner Cities of Belfast and Dublin.

Personal Academic Tutor

Each student is assigned a personal academic tutor to support you throughout your learning journey. They are available to offer you telephone and email support at any time. You can arrange to meet them for further one to one guidance at a time convenient to you.

Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion. Emailing your tutor at any stage during your programme to ask a query or submit a draft of your assessment supports you to achieve your personal best throughout your studies with Portobello.

This level of one to one support is a particular benefit to choosing Portobello as your Institute of choice to complete your studies.

How will I learn?

Delivery Mode

This course has been specifically re-designed for delivery by online learning with live interactive webinar sessions. It is very suited to you if you have a busy work and home life and want to fit study around this. During the induction, you will be given your log-in details to the online portal,  “ePortobello”. Here you will find course notes, reading lists, articles of interest and assessment guidelines. The content is structured in an easy to “find and follow”  format. You will need basic computer skills such as searching the internet and typing a word document. The webinars are scheduled every week on the same evening to give structure to your learning journey and encourage you to continue to progress through the programme.

There is one to one tutor support available to you during your learning journey. Online learning allows you to study at your time with support available  when you need it.

Course Structure

This is a 6 week course with Webinars delivered on Monday evenings from 7-9pm. There is no webinars held on Bank Holiday Mondays.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar, in the context of online learning, is a lecturer delivering a presentation or class online to a group of students. We use specifically designed e-learning software so you can participate in the class just as if you were present in the same room. You can ask a question of the lecturer at any stage during the class. The software is designed with “break-out rooms” where you can discuss a topic or complete a group exercise with a smaller group from your class. You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has internet connection, an audio facility so you can hear and speak during the class and a camera so your lecturer and fellow class participants can see you. The webinar is a secure online environment and only those permitted entry by the lecturer can gain access to the “classroom”. Webinars are recorded during each session and should you miss a session, you can catch up with the recorded session at a later date. You will only be able to access Webinars of the group you are assigned to.

How will I be assessed?

A variety of assessment methods are used to support students with different learning styles. These vary from written reports to practical case studies to examinations. We encourage you to reflect on your knowledge gain with a number of assignments designed to explore your learning journey. All of these assessment methods are seeking to support you to combine theory with scenario-based learning and how to practically implement these methods into your everyday practice.

Speak to an expert

Choosing a course that will lead you to your career of choice is a significant decision. Understanding the delivery modes, supports available, career opportunities and further study options are all key considerations when making your choice. Our course adviser team are experts in the courses Portobello offers, the employment prospects and possible progression routes to Masters programmes – they will guide you through the detail and support you with any queries you may have.

It is important you make the right choice for you and choose the Institute and course that will best suit your needs.

Your Consultant

Brandon McLean

About Brandon

Hi! I am Brandon McLean, the Director of Enrolment here at the Portobello Institute. Education is a journey and the destination is a career that you love. I oversee the team that helps you to plan your journey so you can find the path that’s right for you.

How long are you working in Portobello?

I have been with the Portobello Institute for over two years now.

What do you enjoy about working in Portobello?

I love the elation that you can see on the face and hear in the voice of a student that talks through a complicated goal, who we can provide with a simple solution. When the conversation has finished and they can clearly see the path forward, I am thrilled.

What inspires you about working in education?

 Education is a milestone in determining your future, and I cannot think of a better milestone to have a hand in.  

How do you feel when you have helped a student reach a decision on their course choice?

Absolutely exhilarated!

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How do I apply?

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college.


Without a Leaving Certificate

There are no previous academic or experience requirements for this course.

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Complete the online booking form.

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