Amy Caffrey – Airline Studies Set Up An Exciting Career

Airline and Cabin Crew Studies graduate

Amy Caffrey was so excited to complete her Leaving Cert in 2016. She had dreamed of working in the airline industry and began her college course in Aircraft Engineering. But her excitement was quickly quelled by her course. It wasn’t for her.

Despite the course itself not being the right fit for Amy, her desire to work for an airline remained. Instead of following the first path, she chose a second through Portobello Institute.

Airline and Cabin Crew Studies proved to be what Amy really wanted.

“Aircraft and aviation has always been a passion of mine. From a young age, I was fascinated by airplanes, watching them from the side of the runway and fly over my house.” She initially believed her fascination was in how planes worked but Airline and Cabin Crew Studies helped her realize her fascination was with the experience of flight.

The course enhanced her knowledge of the challenges faced by both the tourism and the airline industries.

“I learned many practical aspects during this course, from designing a holiday brochure through ton learning a cabin safety demo. We focused on both the passengers experience in the airport and the employee working in the airport.

The college provided excellent tutors, course content, encouragement and study facilities. Every tutor went above and beyond to ensure the students got the best they could from the course.

We were always well prepared for every assignment and exam.”

As part of her Airline and Cabin Crew Studies course, Amy was afforded the opportunity to gain work experience at Dublin airport. She was able to shadow the check-in desk employees and work as a dispatcher on the ramp.

Following her exams, Amy immediately secured a position with Ryanair. Portobello Institute had given her experience and education to hit her stride instantly. Her first job was as a Slot Desk Officer in Flight Operations. She only lasted eight months in that role before being promoted Flight Planner.

She now works closely with the air traffic controllers, a pivotal role in any airport. Amy is working in a job she previously didn’t know existed.

The Aviation industry is a customer-centric one where so many jobs are customer facing. However, as Amy found out, the Aviation industry offers so many other jobs and opportunities to take on more responsibility and find more fulfilling work.

Amy is continuously developing her skill set to take advantage of the opportunities in the industry.

“Every day something different happens, which means learning new things every day. I am even considering becoming an airline pilot as I have started taking flying lessons and discovered that I love flying.”

Exploring the aviation industry further and becoming a pilot will require more education and training. Amy is set up to succeed having already taken her first steps into her career. She credits Portobello Institute as a protagonist in her story.

“I truly believe I would not be where I am today if I had not done this course.”

Amy Caffrey – Airline Studies Set Up An Exciting Career Amy Caffrey – Airline Studies Set Up An Exciting Career