Amy’s career is taking off!

Airline and Cabin Crew Studies graduate

Travel & Tourism

From her initial role in Slot Allocation with Ryanair, Amy landed a position in Flight Planning after just eight months. As a result of undertaking the Airline and Cabin Crew Studies course, Amy is working in jobs she previously didn’t know existed!

When consider jobs within the airline industry, you would be forgiven for thinking of ground staff or flight crew as these are the people you meet on your travels. However, aviation offers so many other jobs beyond these customer facing roles.  The Airline and Cabin Crew Studies course opens up a world of opportunities with airlines and within the airport.  Amy Caffrey undertook the course in 2018 and attributes her success to the completion of this course and states, “I truly believe I would not be where I am today if I had not done this course”.

Following her exams Amy immediately secured a position with Ryanair.  Her first job was as a Slot Desk Officer in Flight Operations.  She explains that her primary role was to apply for airport departure and landing slots for any unscheduled flight.  Allied to this, was the secondary role of ensuring that aircraft were within their limitations and operating appropriate flights for the next day.

Amy knew she wanted to work in aviation, but never imagined this exciting role.  She recalls  “Aircraft and aviation has always been a passion of mine from a young age. I was fascinated by airplanes, watching them from the side of the runway and fly over my house”.  Amy chose aviation because it is an ever-changing, growing industry not only in Ireland but worldwide with so many career opportunities within the industry.  The trouble was that Amy didn’t quite know what role she wanted in aviation.

On completion of her Leaving Cert in 2016,  Amy enrolled on an Aircraft Engineering course and quickly realised it wasn’t right for her.  This did not diminish her desire to work for an airline, and so, her search began to find the right course, which she found in Portobello’s Airline and Cabin Crew Studies course.

Amy confirms that the course offered by Portobello Institute gave her a perfect insight into the tourism and airline industry. “I learned many practical aspects during this course, from designing a holiday brochure through to learning a cabin safety demo”.  The course also enhanced her knowledge of the challenges faced by both the tourism and airline industries with relevant up to date content, “We focused on both the passengers experience in the airport and the employee working in the airport”.  Amy loved her time at Portobello – learning and interacting with her fellow students and lecturers.  She explains that,  “The college provided excellent tutors, course content, encouragement and study facilities. Every tutor went above and beyond to ensure the students got the best they could from the course. We were always well prepared for every assignment and exam.”

Course highlights for Amy include completing a project on an airline of your choice which gave her the opportunity to really research and go more in-depth to how an airline works.   Another highpoint was Cabin Crew training learning about the safety on board an aircraft, safety demos, basic first aid and passenger services.   The work experience module was hugely beneficial giving the opportunity to shadow check in desks and working on the ramp as a dispatcher at Dublin airport.

After 8 months she was promoted to a Flight Planner role, which is her current position. This ensures that every flight had a flight plan filed with Air Traffic Control (ATC). This involves working closely with ATC regarding the routes filed, amending flight plans on crews request, monitoring reject messages and manually working with the flight planning system to find a valid route.

Future plans look bright for Amy who hopes to progress further within airline operations and learn more about flight planning. “Every day something different happens, which means learning new things every day. I am even considering becoming an airline pilot as I have started taking flying lessons and discovered that I love flying and I truly believe I would not be where I am today if I had not done this course”.

Amy’s career is truly taking off!  She highly recommends this course to anyone who is interested in making a career in the aviation industry, “It is a great starting point for anyone and it can take you anywhere. It is a great qualification to have because it really proves to employers that you are interested in the industry”.  If you would like to have a career like Amy’s, please contact our course advisors on 01 8920000.

Amy’s career is taking off! Amy’s career is taking off!