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Anna Chaszczewska – “I’m So Proud That I Did It, My Level 7 Opens So Many Doors”

BA (Ord) Early Childhood Studies

Anna Chaszczewska – “I’m So Proud That I Did It, My Level 7 Opens So Many Doors”

Anna Chaszczewska – “I’m So Proud That I Did It, My Level 7 Opens So Many Doors”

Anna Chaszczewska is an Early Years Educator in Roots and Wings in Donabate, Dublin who is celebrating the milestone of gaining her BA (Ord) in Early Childhood Studies with Portobello Institute. 

Having done her level 5 and 6 in childcare in Ireland she always wanted more.

“The level 7 degree was my dream.  As English isn’t my first language, I wanted to challenge myself as well. And I did it! 

Studying is always the right thing to do and doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 50 years old. You don’t realise how beneficial that is for you, your career and your family until it’s done! I felt amazing every single time I got my results back,” she said. 

Anna loves working with children because she says, every day is different. She wanted to push herself to follow her passion and fulfil her potential by gaining her level 7 degree.

The support and flexibility at Portobello Institute made this possible for her while working full-time and with two young children of her own.

“Im going to be honest it was hard! I am a mammy of two small children (2 and 4 years old) working in-person weekdays for over 16 years in Ireland. During this course, I managed to get time for work, my boys, college work and webinars which were mostly held at the weekend. 

The flexibility at Portobello meant I did my assignments in my own time. If you work in-person weekdays, have a family and can only study at a certain time choose Portobello Institute and you won’t regret it.

“It was right for me because of the flexibility of the payment plan with Portobello and the flexibility when completing your assignments.

“I am proud of myself that I did it. Again, it’s never too late to go back to college and study, you have to believe in yourself and aim for the stars.

My career is changing now, as I have my level 7 which opens so many doors out there. I am working in the career that I want and having the qualification helped me as a person to believe in myself. 

“Thank you so much for all the hard work to all the tutors in Portobello, especially Maeve Nolan who was absolutely fantastic at her job. Amazing tutor with skills and knowledge who helped me achieve my goal,” she said.

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