Cathal sets up his own Clinical Practice and becomes a Lecturer

Sports Therapy Graduate


Cathal combined his experience as a former league of Ireland soccer player with the Diploma in Sports Therapy (2007) to the degree (2012) and subsequently founded Dunboyne Sports Injuiry Clinic and part time lecturer at Portobello Institute.

He now spends his day providing therapy sessions to individual clients and client teams.  Cathal manages a very impressive client base working with UCD and Maynooth University teams as well as providing sports rehabilitation to GAA and Rugby teams. He was the Sports Therapist that helped two Dublin GAA teams achieve glory in 2018; he worked with Kilmacud Crokes who won the Championship and Dunboyne who won the league.  Cathal says “I love helping people prevent injury or recover from injury, whether it is a team member or individual sports enthusiast.”

Today, Cathal has a wealth of hands on sports experience. Due to his hard work and continued commitment to the practice, the clinic has expanded over the last seven years and he now employs sports therapists and physiotherapists to work in his pracice.

Cathal brings this experience to the classroom as a lecturer at Portobello Institute where he focuses on the Anatomy & Physiology, Sports Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation modules. Cathal explains “our Sports Therapy course provides all the knowledge and experience needed to become a qualified sports therapist … it is very well rounded, students learn a lot about the wider industry and this provides many career options in other aspects of sport provision and management.” He enjoys working with students with an interest in the subject that he is so passionate about and loves helping them achieve their goals, “With small classes and lots of practical interaction time, we get to know each student well over three years, so, when a student gets to where they want to be – their perfect job or postgraduate position, I am delighted for them and proud to be part of the team that helped them get there.”

COVID 19 is changing the way we do business in sport and education but Cathal believes “Everything has changed, yet, nothing has changed … this is a practical hands on course and we have made arrangements within the guidelines to keep it that way.”  He explained that the theoretical part of the course will be online and the practical element will be in smaller socially distanced groups adhering to the regulations regarding hygiene, sanitisation and personal protective equipment.  Cathal is keen to emphasise that for students entering in 2020 -21, the student experience will not be diminished in any way “the department have been rigorous in their planning for the term and creative in their scheduling of classes in order to provide a safe and productive learning environment.”

Cathal loves all aspects of his job and finishes the interview with some wise words “if you enjoy your job you will never work a day in your life”.


Is this a pathway to clinical practice for you? Cathal’s story shows that studying sports therapy at Portobello Institute is a route to starting your own sports business.  If you would like to discuss your career options with a course advisor, please call 01 892 0000 or come to one of our open days to meet with the lecturers from the sports department.





Cathal sets up his own Clinical Practice and becomes a Lecturer Cathal sets up his own Clinical Practice and becomes a Lecturer