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For Dublin native Colm Dunne, PE teaching and coaching had always been an interest. Seeing the joy that sport could bring to someone inspired him to look at it as a possible career. And, after a bit of research online, he found Portobello Institute.

“I came across Portobello via social media the summer prior to the course commencing.

“I became really enthusiastic from what I saw so I applied that week”, he said.

The application process Colm described as “quite vigorous, yet straightforward and really worthwhile” and after a week was able to sit down for an interview with the course director.

“This, I found a great experience because I got to meet the people leading the course and they were able to answer any questions I had at the time”.

From there it was on to the course itself and after three good years at Portobello, Colm graduated from our BA (Hons) in Physical Education and he looks back on his time fondly.

“I really found the lecturers fantastic in Portobello.

“They were always very personal with my classmates and I.

“They shared our passion for the degree which really benefitted us too”, he said.

Our central Dublin City location was another enjoyable part of the experience for Colm.

But most importantly, his degree then allowed him to go on to do a PME in the University of Limerick as he continued on his path to becoming a fully qualified PE teacher, a path which he has completed.

“I am now teaching PE in a local school to where I live.

“It’s a great school with fantastic facilities.

“I’m teaching LCPE to 5th & 6th years.

“I really am working my dream job, something that would not have been possible without Portobello”, Colm said.

“Any student who is even thinking of pursuing a degree in PE, sports coaching or sports science, should really consider Portobello.

“It has everything you could wish for and you will gain just as much, if not more, from this course in comparison to any university across the country”

So, why wait?

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Colm Dunne – PE Through Portobello Colm Dunne – PE Through Portobello