Daniel Foley – ‘I walked straight into a job’ with Tour Guide Qualification

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Daniel Foley worked in agricultural business focused on dairy livestock genetic improvement for most of his life but having completed his Tour Guide qualification at Portobello Institute he has now moved on to a new and exciting career.

Daniel describes himself as a positive person and his decision to study this Tour Guide qualification was an easy one that has progressed seamlessly into his new tour guiding role.

I am a firm believer in the unmatched ability of life-long learning to stimulate mind, body and spirit.  

“I focused on this national tour guiding course simply because of the huge strides that have been made in relatively recent times in terms of DNA, carbon dating and archaeology which have broadened our perspective of history and culture in a dynamic way. 

“This course was 100% the right choice for me and I walked straight into a job which I thoroughly enjoy. My employers are Robbie’s, Edinburgh, Scotland – I work as a tour guide/manager for them in Ireland.

“As soon as I completed the course I applied for this position, went over to headquarters in Scotland and secured the position there and then. I have since delivered 10 successful tours for the company to date and I will be busy until late in the year which is just up my street – couldn’t be better,” he said.

Daniel chose to study this course online and he thoroughly enjoyed the course content, making new friends and his tutor, Jim Dempsey.

The course was offered online at a time when I could devote my time to it over the winter. The subject matter was of huge interest to me and from the time of first contact everything about it progressed in a seamless and positive way. 

I loved it and I made some lifelong friends. Tuesdays and Wednesdays were looked forward to in anticipation and with the kind of energy you get from meeting friends down in the pub for a chat. Superb delivery from the incredible Jim Dempsey who kept us all gripped to our screens for what was always a period which seemed to slip by with the speed of light.

“The best thing about the course was the knowledge and direction, going down the rabbit holes, not getting bogged down so as to emerge at the end of a three month period with a sound knowledge but also with a backup of book, websites and friends to call upon once out on the road.

“That battery of friends is crucial to success on the road in terms of restaurants, comfort stops and drop-off spots. Our WhatsApp is as active now as I was during the course – and for me that is a sure sign of the success of this course. Two of my friends have already joined the Autumn course,” he said. 

Daniel shared some insight into his role now and why he enjoys it so much.

I collect my clients around 8.30 am and I take them on a fascinating journey from monastic settlements, to corny monuments to spectacular scenery to the best of traditional Irish music, art and culture. Great communication skills and perception are an added advantage.

This career suits my temperament, my office is outdoors in this most beautiful country for the whole of the summer season. The feedback from clients, and the ‘Thank you’ cards all add up to a wonderful feeling of appreciation. 

It is brilliant and the personal satisfaction of hearing folks describe the memories they take with them, and how well they enjoyed the tour. One cannot overestimate the job satisfaction,” he said.

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Daniel Foley – ‘I walked straight into a job’ with Tour Guide Qualification Daniel Foley – ‘I walked straight into a job’ with Tour Guide Qualification