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Francesca Costin – Pathway to Achieving My Physiotherapy Dreams

BSc Sports Therapy

Francesca Costin

Francesca Costin – Pathway to Achieving My Physiotherapy Dreams

Francesca Costin, from Drogheda, Ireland, always envisioned herself as a physiotherapist. Her passion for helping others and her background in competitive tennis initially led her to pursue a career in nursing. However, her true calling kept drawing her back. Determined to find a way to achieve her dream, she discovered Portobello Institute and embarked on a transformative journey, completing her BSc Sports Therapy from 2022 to 2024.

“My journey started with a dream of becoming a physiotherapist. After facing setbacks, I initially chose nursing as a related field. However, I couldn’t shake off my passion for physiotherapy. Discovering Portobello Institute and their sports therapy course was a turning point. It offered me a clear and promising path towards achieving my dream.”

Returning to education was a crucial step for Francesca. She knew she needed specific academic qualifications and practical skills to realise her aspirations.

“Returning to study sports therapy at Portobello Institute was a necessary step to realising my passion. The course offered a direct pathway into physiotherapy, equipping me with the relevant knowledge and skills.”

Choosing Portobello Institute over other providers was a strategic decision for Francesca.

“I chose Portobello Institute over other providers because it offered a unique and direct pathway to achieving my dream of becoming a physiotherapist, as they emphasised the option to progress to an MSc of physiotherapy following completion of the BSc Sports Therapy. The sports therapy programme at Portobello Institute stood out due to its comprehensive curriculum, which was specifically designed to provide a solid foundation in the principles and practices of sports therapy.

“Portobello Institute also offered excellent career guidance and placement opportunities, which were critical in ensuring that I could not only complete my studies successfully but also step into the professional world with confidence.”

Studying sports therapy was more than an academic pursuit for Francesca; it was following her passion.

“Yes, by deciding to study sports therapy at Portobello Institute, I began to follow my passion. This passion stems from a fascination with the human body’s ability to heal and recover, as well as a strong urge to help others regain their mobility and quality of life. My interest in physiotherapy began with a personal experience of sports injuries during my time playing tennis at a competitive level. As a tennis player, I faced various physical challenges and injuries that required expert intervention to overcome.

“These experiences highlighted the importance of physiotherapy in maintaining peak athletic performance and ensuring swift, effective recoveries. Interactions with physiotherapists sparked a passion for understanding the human body’s mechanics and the science behind injury prevention and rehabilitation. Every day I am motivated by the thought of making a tangible difference in people’s lives, aiding their recovery, and promoting their overall well-being.”

Reflecting on her time at Portobello Institute, Francesca describes it as fulfilling and empowering.

“Overall, my time at Portobello Institute has been a fulfilling and empowering chapter in my academic and personal growth, reinforcing my commitment to achieving my dream of becoming a physiotherapist. The small class sizes fostered a collaborative and engaging learning atmosphere. I have built strong relationships with my peers, sharing experiences and learning from one another, which has enriched my overall educational experience.

“The institute’s focus on personal training, including internships and placements, has provided me with crucial exposure to the field, preparing me for a seamless transition into a professional physiotherapy career.”

Balancing her studies with her passion for tennis was made possible by the supportive environment at Portobello Institute.

“Studying the sports therapy course at Portobello Institute has significantly helped me maintain a healthy work/life balance, especially while continuing my passion for tennis. The institute offered a flexible and accommodating learning environment that allowed me to effectively manage my academic responsibilities alongside my athletic commitments.”

Francesca appreciates the understanding and adaptability offered by Portobello Institute.

“One of the key aspects of Portobello Institute is its understanding of students’ diverse needs. The course structure is designed to be adaptable, with options for part-time study and flexible scheduling. This flexibility means I can attend classes and complete coursework without compromising my time for tennis.

“The institute’s location and accessibility also play a role in balancing my pursuits. Being able to commute easily between the institute, tennis club, and home has minimised travel time and reduced stress, allowing me to allocate more time to both my studies and my sport.”

The practical nature of the sports therapy course directly complements Francesca’s tennis career.

“Moreover, the practical nature of the sports therapy course aligns perfectly with my tennis career. The skills and knowledge I gain in the classroom and during practical sessions directly contribute to my understanding of sports injuries, prevention, and rehabilitation. This synergy not only enhances my performance on the court but also provides real-life contexts for my academic learning, making my studies more engaging and relevant.”

Would Francesca recommend Portobello Institute?

“I would recommend studying the Sports Therapy course at Portobello Institute to anyone in need of a direct route into an MSc in physiotherapy. The programme was well-rounded, combining theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experiences. However, I personally found there were some important aspects to the course that were not included and had to be self-taught at home unfortunately.”

She also highlights the flexible studying options and the expertise of the lecturers.

“I would also recommend the college for their flexible studying options, including part-time courses. This will be crucial for anyone balancing their academic life with various careers. I would recommend the college for their lecturers. They were experienced professionals with extensive experience in their fields. Their insights and guidance have been invaluable in my learning journey.”

Francesca’s journey with Portobello Institute has been transformative, aligning her academic pursuits with her lifelong passion for physiotherapy. Portobello Institute has empowered her to follow her dreams, making a significant impact on her future career.

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