Geraldine Nicholson – Switching Careers Through Education

Like many students, Geraldine Nicholson knew what she wanted to do when she finished her Leaving Cert. She wanted to work in Travel.

Geraldine completed a travel and tourism course but didn’t pursue it any further. Instead, she wound up working in retail abroad and in Ireland. Her job was just a job to her. It wasn’t a career. It wasn’t fulfilling or inspiring. Geraldine just went to work, got through the day then lived her life outside of the workplace.

Eventually she realized she had to pursue her passion. Her initial qualification hadn’t served her properly, so she decided to return to in-person weekdays education.

That is what led Geraldine to Portobello Institute. At Portobello, she was given a valuable and applicable education while enjoying the course thoroughly. She loved learning about a ll the aspects of airlines, travel agencies, hotels and car hire businesses. She got an excellent grounding in the industry she wanted to work in.

“I feel it gives me the full confidence that I am knowledgeable of the travel industry.”

Returning to college as a mature student is never easy. Especially since most students do so to change careers. Geraldine leaned on her lecturers who she found to be very helpful and supportive whenever she needed them. That level of support allowed her to graduate and now she is employed as a Travel Consultant with Club Travel.

After finding her job, Geraldine realized how valuable the work experience at Portobello Institute was.

I completed work experience one day a week in a travel agent for 8 weeks while doing the course, which was hugely beneficial. I love working here and I am really enjoying the job. I am still new to the industry and am continuing to learn new things every day.”

Geraldine Nicholson – Switching Careers Through Education Geraldine Nicholson – Switching Careers Through Education