I loved Every Minute of my Fashion Buying & Merchandising Course

Business of Fashion graduate

Business of Fashion

Leaving School puts enormous pressure on students to determine the rest of their lives by choosing a course of study.  Some get it right but many get it wrong and when they do, they need to re-evaluate the situation and find something new.  This was the case for Nicole who initially chose to study social care but found it was not really for her.  She explains “I had dropped out of studying Social Care two years prior and was feeling seriously lost in terms of the career path I wanted to follow. I’d been working for Penneys for nearly 3 years at this stage and spent time contemplating what I wanted to study and ensuring I’d study something I really had a passion for.”

At Pennys, Nicole had been trained in visual merchandising and discovered her talent in this area and a desire to make it her career, she had found “her niche”.  Nicole could see a career path for her at Pennys yet felt she needed a qualification in order to progress and she enrolled on the Fashion Buying & Merchandising course at Portobello Institute.

Nicole felt the course was exactly what she needed, “I gained so much valuable knowledge about the industry from my three amazing tutors Nicole, Anne Marie and Janet! It opened my eyes about the retail industry and provided so much insight from how clothes are designed manufactured, picked and processed by buying and merchandising teams, right down to how they’re displayed in store and online.”

Given Nicole’s previous college experience she was delighted that she had found a course that offered her the opportunity to be creative and study something she had a genuine interest in.  She notes that  “It also gave me an opportunity to be really creative and think outside the box which is something I didn’t appreciate enough until now!”

While there are many aspects to the course, Nicole puts it in a nutshell by saying “Making my first piece of clothing from start to finish, developing a clothing line and virtual boutique from start to finish and finally developing my very own visual display from start to finish! I truly loved every single minute of this course!”  She credits her tutors as the creators of her education experience, “I have gained so much knowledge from my amazing tutors, they are truly amazing people and it was a pleasure to learn from them… Any queries I had were answered and whenever I was unsure of myself, I was always met with positivity and encouragement.”

Nicole is delighted that she took the plunge and enrolled on this course, “It is an all-round amazing course and I am extremely sad it’s all over … It’s given me the confidence and knowledge to believe in myself and my ability to progress into my career as a Buyer. I’m so grateful for all the knowledge I’ve gained through this course! I feel like I can take on the world!”

Nicole finally found her place in the world of work.  Are you contemplating your career options?  Could Fashion Buying and Merchandising be for you? If you would like to talk this though with a course advisor, please call 01 892 0000 or come to one of our open days to meet with the lecturers from the Fashion department.

I loved Every Minute of my Fashion Buying & Merchandising Course I loved Every Minute of my Fashion Buying & Merchandising Course