Lending a healing hand to rugby and GAA teams

Sports Therapy Graduate


We asked recent graduate Sean Moriarty to reflect on his journey through the sports therapy degree and how it has prepared him for his future career by posing the following questions to him.


Where were you before you started the course?

I completed a PLC called pre university physiotherapy immediately before I started studying in Portobello.

Why did you undertake the course?

In order to gain a qualification which would allow me to work with athletes and teams. And provide me with a solid base to eventually go on to study a masters in physiotherapy.

Where are you now? What are you doing or going to do?

I’m currently working with 2 rugby teams within the same club and a GAA club. I am also providing a Sports Massage service which is currently based in a local rugby club, in the coming months I am hoping to begin advertising my services online in order to increase my client base.

How did the course help you get there?

The combination of practical and theory based modules provided me with a valuable base for progressing within the Sports Therapy industry. Without gaining this knowledge I would not have been able to seek work with teams and athletes in a professional capacity.

What do you feel about the course? 

Although the course work was intense at times it was also enjoyable because I knew that what we were learning would be directly applicable to professional practice once our qualifications were awarded.

What were your best experiences during this course?

Noticing my skill set develop from scratch to confidently being able to practice Sports Therapy with a range of athletes and teams. This course provided me with the confidence and tools to pursue an incredibly interesting and rewarding career.

What were the biggest challenges for you in doing this course? 

I anticipated that the transition from studying a PLC to studying an honours level degree course would be difficult at first but with help from both Susan Giblin and John Stacey I found the transition a lot more manageable than expected.

How did you find the college and tutors?

Working as a sports therapist is a very practical career to pursue, the tutors recognised this and in the delivery of their modules ensured that practical elements were always included. Although their course work was difficult at times their delivery kept us all interested. Small class sizes meant that all of the tutors knew the students by name which motivated us to perform to the best of our ability.

How did you find the COVID-19 move to online Learning?

The initial adaption took a bit of getting used to but with the supports put in place by the college the completion of our course was made very manageable.

Overall, will this course have an impact on your life and career?

Absolutely, I now have a qualification which allows me to work in the field of Sports Therapy and also has given me a solid base to go on and study a masters in physiotherapy.


Is this a pathway to becoming a Sports Therapist for you? Sean’s story shows that within 3 years, you could be a therapist developing your own sports practice.  If you would like to discuss your career options with a course advisor please call  01 892 0000 or come to one of our open days to meet with the lecturers from the sports department.


Lending a healing hand to rugby and GAA teams Lending a healing hand to rugby and GAA teams