Lorna Masterson – Facilities Management MSc Was Perfect for Me

Alumni of MSc in Facilities & Workplace Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is a career choice for those who are forever looking to learn.

Whether it’s while working in facilities management or whether it’s educating yourself in facilities management, the nature of the role means constantly learning about new problems, how to solve those problems and how to anticipate the outcomes or otherwise unforeseen events.

Those who excel most in facilities management combine experience working on sites and in different roles with a multitude of qualifications in education. Those who seek out Portobello Institute’s masters degree in facilities management understand this and have benefited from it greatly.

Lorna Masterson was accepted onto Portobello’s MSc in Facilities & Workplace Management in 2020.

Masterson has worked in different roles throughout her career. She presently acts as a General Services Manager at Virtue, having previously student accommodation, property management, food service operations and retail management.

She has since completed her course:

“I am very happy with choosing Portobello Institute, for completing my Msc. in Facilities Management. The lectures are robust, interactive and offer vast avenues to further learning as each student sees fit. The assignments are relevant to the real world and afford each student the opportunity to work in pairs, groups and solo.  The online student and subject portal have exceeded expectations, both in quality, information and versatility.

As a mature student with a full-time job, choosing to complete a masters comes with many challenges. I settled back into classes and academic writing with plenty of support from fellow students, the college and especially the dedicated lecturers who took time out to give you that one to one support.

I would not hesitate to recommend Portobello Institute and experience completing your Msc. in FM with their incredibly experienced lecturers.”

Lorna Masterson – Facilities Management MSc Was Perfect for Me Lorna Masterson – Facilities Management MSc Was Perfect for Me