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We are absolutely delighted to share this success story from very recent fashion buying and merchandising graduate Lynn Nelson who only finished her fulltime course in April and is currently doing an internship at Best Seller.

Before commencing her studies at Portobello Institute Lynn had been studying at Dun Laoghaire College with an aim to getting into veterinary nursing in UCD. After the two years she no longer wanted to pursue a career in animal science and so took a year out and worked in retail.

Having been exposed to retail for 4 years Lynn knew she wanted to do something that was related, and to possibly work behind the scenes. “My family and friends encouraged me to go and study something fashion related, and so that’s why I decided to study fashion buying and merchandising in Portobello Institute”.

Lynn confirms that she initially found out about the course from a blogger on Instagram. “I followed her, and she used to be one of the buyers in Primark and had also studied fashion buying & merchandising at Portobello Institute.”

To-reconfirm things for Lynn she researched the college and read past student testimonials and all of this helped her decision to undertake the course.

Lynn confirms she has really enjoyed her college experience even though it was quite difficult at times. “Our tutors where so friendly and easy to approach which made the experience much better. My class really made my experience great too as I made amazing friends that I was able to go to London with to the fashion trade show Pure, an event which is organised by the college for students as part of their studies”.

On nearing the end of the course Lynn felt she had learned a lot and the course content to be very relevant. “I was understanding more about the fashion buying process, sales and so was able to speak, use and understand fashion terminology”.

Some course highlights for Lynn include mood boards which were a great way to demonstrate creativity and the fashion buying and merchandising process learning about sale forecasts for business. One noteworthy module was a fashion styling module with Sinead Kelly, where students got to do their own fashion styling photoshoot and make an editorial magazine.

Lynn received an internship in Best Seller which she began in March and will be there over the summer months. “I am interning for the brand pieces. I am really enjoying it and learning new things every day and  can use the skills and theory I learnt from Portobello Institute.”

“I would recommend the course, and from researching other courses I feel Portobello Institute was the best choice for me, it was also quite flexible which allowed me to work in my part time job also”.

“Annemarie our course coordinator is a great mentor, she tries to push and help everyone as much as possible to succeed in their career”.

Lynn gives some really sound advice on expectations on a career as a fashion buyer and merchandiser “A lot of people think fashion is all about dressing up in clothes and being glamorous all the time, but realistically it’s more about sales and figures”.

The future looks really bright for Lynne who hopes to get a fulltime job in Best Seller and to work there for a number of years to gain great experience and we wish her all the very best in her future career.

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Lynn Nelson Lynn Nelson