Matthew Bursey


Matthew Bursey was passionate about sports and teaching others, however, he didn’t believe he had the academic ability to become a PE teacher until now.

Following his BSc in Sports Science and PE at Portobello Institute, Matthew is now studying his PGCE (Post Graduate Certification in Education) in the UK at Exeter University in South West England.

Portobello Institute sports graduates are eligible for a huge array of post graduate courses in Ireland and the UK. Dr. Susan Giblin, head of the sports department, explains “our sports graduates are in demand for selection onto post grad courses because of the broad range of subjects in the degree programme and our focus on up to date thinking and learning in all aspects of sport”. She suggests that “our classes are small and we take a personal interest in each student … in year three, we work with them to define their career goals and help them develop a plan to achieve them”.

Matthew’s dream was to become a Physical Education teacher and his lecturers helped him build confidence and find a way to realise this dream. He worked hard on the rugby field and in the classroom and can’t believe how fortunate he has been, “I loved my time at Portobello and now I am really enjoying everything over here from the rugby to the university course”.

The PGCE physical education course at Exeter is currently one of the leading teacher training university’s in the UK and Matthew so far has gained some excellent hands on experience having had the opportunity to speak at conferences and develop his pedagogical knowledge of teaching. He will undertake two work placements where he will have the opportunity to teach in a school and conduct a research study for his dissertation.

Matthew attributes his success on the postgraduate course to the grounding he received at Portobello, “we had great facilities and great lecturers on the sports science degree … they always ensured that we understood everything which meant that I was well equipped and confident in my ability to undertake this post graduate course”.

Is this a pathway to PE Teaching for you? Matthew’s story shows that studying sports science at Portobello Institute is an alternative route to securing a career in PE Teaching. If you would like to discuss your career options with a course advisor, please call 01 892 0000 or come to one of our open days to meet with the lecturers from the sports department.

Matthew Bursey Matthew Bursey