Suy Cunha – Successful Practical Montessori Workshops

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Practical Montessori Workshops at Portobello Institute have proved to be safe and successful for students while Covid-19 continues to make regular classroom-based learning a challenge.

Portobello Institute was always prepared for e-learning through our online system ePortobello so making the change during Covid-19 was seamless.

However, we have 40 years of experience in delivering education and we know when practical Montessori workshops are needed.

We provide safe practical Montessori workshops for those studying Montessori to gain experience and confidence with the materials they are learning about online.

Practical Montessori Workshops at Portobello Institute

Suy Cunha, an ECCE and Montessori Teaching student, attended a workshop recently and said it really boosted her confidence to work with the materials.

“The practical experience in the classroom was really good. The way that Amy [Burns, tutor] handled it was well done, she had everything there for us to be clean and making sure we were safe.

“I was a little bit nervous but it was really good, the class was really small and we had a great space from each other and everything for cleaning your hands was there so we were well looked after and I felt really okay, I loved it.

“It was really more about touching the materials. If you were working with computers it’s one thing just having an online class but because we are working with kids it’s so important to sit down and see how the materials work because we do understand it from the online class but when you can actually touch the materials in practice it’s completely different. I think it was quite important at that stage of the course.

“We got to experience sitting down with your partner and you pretend that your partner is a child and you can talk and manage the material with the child. If you are in an online class this is not something that is going to happen.

I think Amy is brilliant I think she is somebody who makes such a difference, she is such an outgoing person and she is really patient with all the questions I think it is a lot to do with her personality and for this moment it was exactly what we needed.

“She always makes sure that we are involved in the class, she asks questions and for us to give opinions so that makes the class light and for that reason, I am really enjoying the course,” she said. 


Delivered through blended learning, this course in Montessori Teaching and Early Childhood Care & Education, will give you the qualification that will allow you to open your own setting or work in the capacity of a room leader/supervisor/manager in a Montessori room.

During this 7-month course, you will acquire a thorough knowledge of child development, comparative early year’s methodologies and how to create a positive learning environment for children.

Classes are generally held one evening per week and are split between the practical Montessori approach and theory training, with time spent learning the theory and practicing the Montessori presentation skills during each session.

You will complete a placement in a Montessori setting enabling you to get practical experience to complement your studies.

There is an easy payment plan designed to make this programme affordable. These factors, together with the one-to-one tutorial support, offer you a course that is accessible, affordable, and achievable.

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Suy Cunha – Successful Practical Montessori Workshops Suy Cunha – Successful Practical Montessori Workshops