Shannon Byrne


My name is Shannon Byrne, I am currently a B.Sc. Sports Therapy student in Portobello Institute going into my final year currently completing my modules and practical experience in order to earn my degree through London Metropolitan University. I was lucky enough to get advanced entry into the 2nd year of the course following my results from a Post-Leaving Cert course in Colaiste Ide in Finglas.

I have received many great opportunities since starting in Portobello, I was asked to volunteer at the most recent Iron Man event in Dun Laoghaire which I really enjoyed being part of. Some other volunteers from the college and I preformed pre and post- event massage to the athletes who were competing. The event consisted of a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride and a 21.1km run. The aim of the pre/post even massage is to aid in the athlete’s recovery as many athletes I had treated travel around the world to take part in events, some even weekly in peak season. I loved meeting a huge array of people at the event, some who were doing their first ever Iron Man and some who had been doing them for many years and had tattoos to show their dedication to the events.

Another amazing opportunity I was given through studying in Portobello was the opportunity to apply for clinical placement in Archview Physiotherapy Clinic. Many students applied for the position and were interviewed, and I was extremely lucky to be chosen to intern in the clinic. Over the summer prior to my final year I worked full-time in the clinic. I observed and shadowed Physiotherapists and Physical therapists, I took part in some of the clinics pilates and strength classes. I also took on my own case load for massages and some rehab patients. I was supervised and given guidance from the many therapists who work in the clinic and look forward to continuing working part-time at the clinic throughout my final year. I have learned so much by physically working with patient’s day to day and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

I look forward to completing my Sports Therapy degree and aim to use my degree towards a master’s degree in Physiotherapy in the future.

Shannon Byrne Shannon Byrne