Sharon McGee – Sense of Accomplishment and ‘Ticking the Bucket List’ with Her Degree in Early Childhood Studies

BA (Ord) Early Childhood Studies & BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies

Early Years

Sharon McGee’s relationship with Portobello began in 2005 when she decided to open her own preschool by studying for her Montessori Teaching qualification.

Sharon says this was excellent for her at the time since she was a stay-at-home mother with four children under the age of nine, the youngest of whom was about to start primary school. She desired the flexibility to study and work around her family.

“Fortunately, I have never been out of employment since beginning my studies. This initial course began my journey; during the year I opened my preschool, I was given opportunities to work with Enable Ireland and the HSE, assisting children with additional needs.

“This led me to take up a position as a special needs assistant, assisting children as they enter primary school and assisting them to reach their full potential,” she said.

As time passed, 14 years to be precise, Sharon found herself longing to go back to college and obtain a recognised qualification.

“By this time, my children had finished their own studies, and I felt the time was ripe to pursue this. At 50, I wondered if I would be able to achieve it, but the Portobello staff were very supportive, and I never felt my age was a constraint.

I selected Portobello above others since their scheduling worked best for my family and work schedule. The assistance was excellent, and my first module was with Maeve Nolan, who was the most incredible tutor, always approachable and willing to explain or point me in the right direction,” she said. 

Sharon gained her BA (Ord) in Early Childhood Studies and her BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies through blended learning at Portobello Institute.

Now, she feels inspired to study further.

I’ve met my goal, but I’m considering doing my MA in Inclusive Education and Special Education with Portobello. My passion is about aiding and supporting some of our most vulnerable children, who sometimes simply need to be heard and someone to listen,” she said. 

Sharon’s greatest achievement is ‘the sense of accomplishment, ticking the bucket list’ by gaining her Honours degree.

I would recommend Portobello because it is affordable, all the course materials are supplied and really helpful, and the tutors are helpful. I found everything assessable and easy to follow.

I feel more confident in my work and my understanding of working with children, my school asked me to take on a role within the special education team last year. I am working in the career area I want to be and now our school is starting a special class in the future, and I feel better prepared to assist future students,” she said. 

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Sharon McGee – Sense of Accomplishment and ‘Ticking the Bucket List’ with Her Degree in Early Childhood Studies Sharon McGee – Sense of Accomplishment and ‘Ticking the Bucket List’ with Her Degree in Early Childhood Studies