Stacey Caffrey – From Plane Spotting to Aviation Management Career at REDiFly

MSc in Aviation Management


For MSc in Aviation Management graduate, Stacey Caffrey, planes have always been in her life. When she was young her father would take her to the airport to watch them take off and land. After the budding plane spotter initially went down an arts degree path, she soon circled back to the world of aviation.

“It didn’t come as a surprise that I entered the world of aviation as a cabin crew member. I worked in the Middle East for the past six years across all cabins with a well-known carrier.

“It was of my best experiences to date. I love the fast-paced environment and the growth opportunities that lie within the aviation field,” she said.

It was the desire to seek these opportunities that brought Stacey to Portobello Institute to gain her MSc in Aviation Management awarded by London Metropolitan University. With the aim of ascending to a more managerial role in the sector, she began to research courses. While she researched many options, Portobello’s flexibility through our online delivery method meant she could continue to work alongside her studies while gaining the high-level qualification she wanted.

“I found other places that offered the course, but it meant full-time study on campus which is not what I needed. Portobello best suited my preference which meant more flexibility for study and a work-life balance,” she said.

From there it was on to the application process which Stacey describes as ‘easy and painless’.

“I had a few questions that I asked through the live web chatbox, and I was put in touch with a lovely man named Brandon who answered any questions I had and talked me through the process. My application process was so smooth which meant that I could start getting excited about the course,” she said.

Reflecting on her studies during the second semester of the course, Stacey said she has found it to be a very enjoyable experience.

“The classes are so interesting, and the tutors are so knowledgeable that you do not feel the class time going. The tutors are extremely approachable and always find the time to help if needed, which is not always the case in larger institutions.

“There is a lot of material to cover but it is easily achievable with the good guidance from the tutors and your own dedication.

“I thought at first I would be completely lost with the economic and finance side of the course as I don’t come from that kind of background, but the tutor had an effective way of explaining and I rather enjoy the finance side of the course now.

“Learning about aviation strategy has helped me understand the reason behind a lot of airport and airline decisions and how the overall running of an airline works,” she said.

Upon graduation from her MSc in Aviation Management, Stacey gained a new position in the

Sharing her role update on LinkedIn, REDiFly commented: “We at REDiFly and Integrated Aviation Systems AG are delighted to welcome Stacey Caffrey as the newest member of our fast-expanding team. Stacey had previously worked as a flight attendant in the Middle East and went on to study for an MSc in Aviation Management from London Metropolitan University. She brings with her a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and is excited to work with the REDiFly team to deliver the best aviation software solutions on the market,” it said.

Commenting further, Stacey added: “Thank you Derek for all your guidance and expertise throughout the year. Portobello Institute really has a lot to offer its students. I learned a lot of insights into the aviation profession and I believe what I learned will be put to good use going forward. It was a thoroughly enjoyable year and I’m just so happy Portobello offers this course which is all-encompassing for an aviation enthusiast like me!”

When thanking Portobello Institute’s Admissions expert, Brandon McLean, Stacey said: “Thanks Brandon! It was a year ago since we last spoke when I started the journey with Portobello Institute. Thanks for your commitment to the role, studying here was the right choice.”

Portobello Institute offers a BSc (Hons) in Airline, Airport and Aviation Management and an MSc in Aviation Management. For more information, you can book a consultation with our expert Aviation consultant, Janice O’Toole today and take the next step in your life!

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Stacey Caffrey – From Plane Spotting to Aviation Management Career at REDiFly Stacey Caffrey – From Plane Spotting to Aviation Management Career at REDiFly