“You can Achieve your Dream… Dream Big, Bold, and Daring!”

Airline and Cabin Crew Studies graduate

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John Patrick always dreamed of working in aviation and the Airline and Cabin Crew Studies course at Portobello Institute made this dream come true.

John Patrick Reyes Balazo always wanted to work in Aviation and undertook the Airline and Cabin Crew Studies to achieve this goal.  He is now working at Dublin Airport as a Customer Service Agent, primarily for Etihad Airways and other European and charter flights.  He describes his role as providing “a professional check-in service to passengers of customer airlines and to ensure that the highest standard of customer service is achieved in an efficient and effective manner”.  He loves his job and proudly exclaims “I’ve been working here for more than two years now without having a single day of absence and I thank God for it”.

John Patrick admits he that was lucky enough at young age to know his passion, and advises others “to know your passion and what interests you most”.  For a young person, he offers some incredibly wise advice.

“You can achieve your dream, we all have the capability to be anything we want based on the decisions we make. So, don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t let anyone tell you, control, or dictate your own future. Continue to Dream Big, Bold, and Daring”

The course broadened his knowledge of the various roles in airlines and at the airport and led to his dream job.  John believes that the staff of Portobello truly helped him a lot on his journey and without them it wouldn’t be possible to achieve this dream, “It was a great privilege to be a part of this great institution, which gave me the best possible experience, and the qualification that I needed. To anyone looking to study here I can highly recommend that you will have great tutors with excellent facilities and an accessible location”.


Do YOU dream of working for an airline or at the airport? 

The Airline and Cabin Crew Studies at Portobello Institute is a 20 week programme, where a wide range of industry professionals help prepare you for a variety of roles in the aviation business.

If you would like to have a career like John Patrick’s, please contact our course advisors on 01 8920000.

“You can Achieve your Dream…  Dream Big, Bold, and Daring!” “You can Achieve your Dream…  Dream Big, Bold, and Daring!”