Amy Burns

Early Years & Montessori

Position: Montessori lecturer

About Amy

After always dreaming of having a career in teaching I chose to study Montessori Education, a method whereby the philosophy drew me in and I was curious to learn more. I qualified with a Diploma in Childcare & Montessori 0 – 6 years in the Liberties College, Dublin and then went on to achieve an Advanced Montessori Diploma in Montessori Education 6 – 12 years. I began teaching in Horizons Montessori School that same year and have been teaching there ever since! In 2006 I decided to return to learning and I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies which in turn inspired me to complete a Master of Education Degree with Trinity College. My passion for Montessori Education continues after all these years and varying changes throughout the sector over the years have only magnified the importance of such a child centred, individualised education for the youth of today. I now have two children of my own who have thankfully experienced a true Montessori education which in turn has given them a love of learning and values that will hopefully last a life time.

After teaching in both a 3 – 6 Montessori classroom and a primary 6 – 9 classroom for many years it gives me such pleasure to share my experiences and my passion for Montessori Education with those who wish to teach and make a difference to the education of the future.

Amy’s Teaching Philosophy 

My aim as a tutor is to share my love and passion for education and I support notes, videos, presentations etc. with an abundance of knowledge and real-life stories from my 20 years in the world of education, both pre-school, primary and third level. I have also tutored Special Educational Needs courses which in turn enables me to instill the importance of engaging with all aspects of education, inclusion and the importance of continual professional development as a learner.


  • Master of Education (Trinity College)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Trinity College)
  • Advanced Montessori Diploma (6 – 12 years)
  • Montessori Diploma (3 – 6 years)

Research / Industry Participation

  • Master of Education &
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies
  • (both specialising in Special Education)


Amy Burns Amy Burns