Bernard MacOscair

Facilities Management

Position: Senior Lecturer

About Bernard

I am currently Senior Executive with a proven international, multi-site & multi-disciplinary track record in Operation Excellence, Business Development, Project Management, Utilities and Facilities. A lifelong student of organisational behaviour and operational excellence, I continue to deliver measured customer-centric results through my consulting firm Berka Solutions Ltd. An excellent communicator and leader at all levels, I have over 15 years’ experience in lecturing, training and development, with a strong belief in the power of change management through Continuous Improvement, Transformational and Lean Programs.

Bernard’s Teaching Philosophy 

As a believer in the Growth mindset, I hold education and personal development at the core of everything I do in class. My coaching, inclusive and collaborative style allows student to engage in their studies, therefore building their knowledge base.

Career Highlights 

As a passionate problem solver, I have led some significant program in the recent passed;

  •  Implemented a Change Management & Continuous Improvement program for a Large Multi-National Insurance Firm.
  • Delivered an accelerated Outsourcing program for a large Pharmaceutical Multi-National achieving over 1 million in cost savings.
  • Reduced FM spend for a portfolio of Pharma manufacturing sites from 24 million to 21 million through Operational Excellence program.
  • Build an Operations team from 1 to 100, restructured twice while increasing productivity by 17%.
  • Led a project team to implement LAAS (Light as a Service) solution that won the national FM project of the Year.
  • Led the overhaul of 138MW Generator in situ in India, saving over 2.2 million in costs.
  • Led the design, development, commissioning and validation of the largest automated Purified Water Room in Ireland at the time.


  • MBA
  • BEng


Bernard MacOscair Bernard MacOscair