Derek Fox

Facilities Management

Position: Leadership & Development Lecturer

About Derek Fox

I am currently lead facilitator and director of DFLeap consulting and have previously worked as a senior specialist in the area of management, leadership and communications with the IMI (Irish Management Institute). I have over 30 years’ experience in learning design, management, coaching and development. I’ve spent 15 years in a large multinational corporation and have worked in both business and academia across Europe, Asia, and America.

I began my career as an Engineer but became passionately involved in Psychology in my twenties. This led me to working as a trainer/lecturer in leadership and management where I enjoy working with individuals and organisations to unlock their full potential.

I have published a number of books including the popular ‘Discovering your Style and Dealing with Difficult People’ and am regular contributor to business and press publications.

Derek’s Teaching Philosophy

As adults we learn best by doing, I have an engaging style and supportive approach to learning. I mix theory with application to provide a real-life experience for students. I use a lot of experiential learning activities to help students unlock potential and really absorb the learning so that they can apply it directly to real life situations. I will provide a safe environment where you will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and reach new achievements.

From an Academic point I have designed, managed and delivered on programmes up to and including Level 9 Awards on the NFQ. I am a qualified dissertation and thesis supervisor and have helped students deliver business and academic research papers.

I have accredited awards in organisational behaviour, psychology, psychometrics, people management, training, e-learning, programming languages and engineering. I have completed the C.I.P.D (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) accredited Certificate in Training Practices (CTP). I have also completed John Townsend’s Master Trainer programme and is a licensed NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) master practitioner.

Qualifications Held

  • MSc Organisational Behaviour
  • MA Psychology
  • BA People Management
  • Level A and B Psychometrics
  • CiPD Certificate in Training Practice
  • Sports Psychology
  • Master Trainer Program

Research/ Industry Participation

Derek has conducted and publish research across a number of sectors, he is a published author and regular contributor to business press and journals. Derek has published a number of books including his popular ‘Discovering your Style and Dealing with Difficult People’ and is a regular contributor to business and press publications.

Derek Fox Derek Fox