Dermot Hardy

Dermot Hardy is a key member of our faculty delivering core modules on our MSc in Aviation Management.

He brings two and a half decades of lecturing and tutoring to the role as well as a wealth of academic experience.

Dermot’s journey through academia started with a BA in Politics and Economics from University College Dublin, with whom he was also awarded an MA in Economics.

He has also been awarded a certificate from Ulster University as well as the University of Nicosia in Cyprus and is an Associate Member of the Corporate Treasurers.

He boasts a wealth of professional experience, which led him to the world of lecturing.

“My route into lecturing began over 25 years ago when I provided some client training courses for a treasury risk management I was working for.

“Around the same time one of the universities were putting together a graduate programme in Treasury Management and I was asked to help design the course and ended up delivering one of the modules, this was my first task lecturing.

“Over the years I was involved in developing and delivering courses in risk management, capital markets, economics, finance and aviation.

“About five years ago I developed an expertise in aviation finance, given my strong finance and capital markets background and some exposure to aircraft deals. I found the area to be fascinating, with a huge overlap to my experience in financial markets and quickly developed a specialisation in the area,” he said.

Dermot brings his expertise to delivering  Aviation Governance & Regulation, Finance and Forecasting Methods for Airline, Airport Operations, Aviation Economics and Financial Management modules on our MSc in Aviation Management.

His aim is to engage students as much as possible.

“What gives me the most satisfaction is providing the students with a good theoretical understanding of the topics and then illustrating the practical implementation of the theory with recent market examples.

“This means that I find the course interesting and can therefore enthuse the class.

“Students find the material much more interesting and are more willing to engage in class discussions which enhances the learning experience for everyone,” he said.


Dermot Hardy Dermot Hardy