Eddie Jackman


“Always be true to yourself…. I’m here for the students to maximise their potential”

About Eddie

I followed my dreams by qualifying as a Sports Therapist late in life. The opportunities that are available to students today were not available to me. However, that did not deter me from achieving my dream. During my career as a Sports therapist I have worked with all the major sporting bodies. Working with international team’s right through to club sides at all age levels. I currently work with the FAI and Munster golf providing the next generation of players with pre-rehabilitation exercise programs in order for them to maximise their sporting potential.

In my personal life, I met 40 years ago my sole-mate and friend and got married. My sole purpose now is enjoying my family, especially my grand children. These children have given me in their short lifetime a new purpose.

Eddie’s Teaching Philosophy

My approach to lecturing is simple make it fun, entertaining and try and make the overall experience for the students a place to enjoy learning. I try and involve in my teaching my 35 years’ experience and ‘marry’ the theory and practical together there by making the learning experience somewhat easier for students to remember and hopefully recall for exam purposes.


BSc (Hons )Sports Therapy (1:1);

MSc Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Post Grad Diploma Treatment of Sports Injuries (English FA)

Diploma Sports Medicine (FIFA)

Licentiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Manual Therapy (Stand- alone Module – Salford University)

Research & Publications

  1. The Effectiveness of Arthroscopic Surgery on Male Athletes Diagnosed with Femoral Acetabuler Impingement (FAI) of the Hip and their return to Sport.

2. Can Measuring Hip Capsular Thickness determine the potential level of Hip Joint Laxity in athletes?

Eddie Jackman Eddie Jackman