Fran Trehy

Special Needs Assisting

Position: Special Needs Assisting lecturer

 ‘The heartfelt hero, using their talents to help students discover their own. Dedicating their time and energy each day to the students in their care, and doing it all while meeting the individual needs of many.’

About Fran Trehy 

As I am a Special Needs Assistant for the past 16 years, I feel I can give the student a true insight into the classroom environment.  I went back to education myself in later life and after completing my Arts and Humanity degree focusing on Family Studies, the urge to stay as an SNA was so strong, so when Portobello came up to teach the Level 5 and Level 6 Special Needs assisting courses, it was a dream come true In so many ways. I have had a very eventful life to date, travelling the world, working in very varied work environments for example Dublin Airport, Hospitals, and an array of other careers, one of which is being a mother to three teenager/young adults,  I had a child with special needs myself who passed away very early in life so Special needs is very close to my heart.  I have a passion for the career and the children in my care.  I hope anyone that I am lucky enough to teach will benefit from that passion. 

Since taking the position of Tutor with Portobello I have encountered so many people with the same ethos as myself not only with colleagues but with students alike, to be Special Needs Assistant takes a very special person, to change children’s lives for the better is so rewarding. I could not have chosen a better college to teach in and I am truly grateful to assist as many people as possible to progress in this challenging, rewarding career.

Fran’s Teaching Philosophy

 I am a very relaxed Educator, I like to make students feel comfortable and to be in an environment where no question is a silly question, I like to exude passion for special needs children and for all children in education.  I would love my students to leave the course with all the knowledge necessary to become the best they can be. I also want students to have the urge and longing to progress and further their education after completing the course and to make sure they have the confidence to pursue that. I believe that teachers should create a positive and safe atmosphere for all their students, and be the best teacher they can be by using different teaching strategies, being prepared for any situation, and always doing what’s best for the students.


  • BA Hons, Arts and Humanity focusing on family studies
  • Special Needs Assisting Level5 and Level 6
  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia awareness certificates
  • PECS and ABA Certificates 


Fran Trehy Fran Trehy