Gordon Stirling


Sport has always been an integral part of my life, from playing football and rugby in school to competing internationally in sailing. The discipline, technical challenge and teamwork pushed me to pursue an education in Sport in University.

While I would have considered myself to be less academically driven in my school years, it was with guidance and encouragement from excellent educators in my field and a strong passion and love for sport and performance that really pushed me to succeed. I believe that finding and pursuing what you’re passionate about allows you to unlock your potential and pushes you to succeed.

I completed a MSc in Coaching and Exercise Science in UCD in 2015. During this time and the subsequent years, I gained experience coaching in multiple sports before taking a full-time role with Ulster Rugby as a Sport Scientist. Currently, I am a practicing Performance Analyst within the IRFU and Ulster Rugby, an educator and a PhD candidate.

As a practitioner, I have learnt how to apply knowledge and foster collaboration in a performance support team to maximise impact.

As a teacher, I am passionate about bridging the gap between the academic and practical environments to drive learning, development and innovation. I believe in creating a learning environment that facilitates exploration and collaboration while sparking engagement through practically relevant examples and experiences.

My experience working as a performance analyst and sport scientist in the IRFU and Ulster Rugby has provided me with an understanding of how to prepare people to thrive as practitioners in sport.

Gordon Stirling Gordon Stirling