Jonathan Meakin

Travel & Tourism

Position: Tour Guide Lecturer

“I thoroughly enjoy teaching the Tour Guiding course; I continue to meet interesting and enthusiastic students.  Even though I teach the same curriculum over and over, it always amazes me how each class has a different approach to the material, making it fresh and interesting. My advice to students taking this course would be to wear a comfortable pair of shoes!”

About Jonathan

For the last three years I have delivered the part time Tour Guiding course in Portobello. I have spent the last 25 years in the Irish ICT Industry, mainly as a class based and online trainer, helping people use computers, software and resolving issues. This has included delivering training in customer service skills and career guidance.  I’ve also spent several years as a tour guide in Dublin city centre, creating and delivering my own tours.  Additionally, I have an MA in International Relations.

Jonathan’s Teaching Philosophy 

With my extensive training background, customer handling skills and hands on tour guiding experience, I deliver entertaining, informative and student focused classes.

My approach to teaching is to involve the students as much as possible, for them to leave a class with more knowledge than they started with.  My classes are not a passive experience, for someone to learn, they have to do!

The tour guiding class involves students researching and delivering their own presentations to their fellow students both in the classroom and out and about.

We go to numerous sites, both inside and outside, around Dublin City centre, with the students practicing the guiding skills they learn in class.

Students also have to deliver a portfolio of work, using my academic experience I am able to provide direction on written content, format and presentation.

The main attributes that students have acquired when they complete the course include the need to understand topics thoroughly, the need to practice, practice, practice their tour scripts and to approach their careers with professionalism.


  • Train the Trainer.
  • QQI Level 6 Tour Guide Certificate.
  • BA (Hons) History and Politics.
  • MA International Relations.

Industry Participation

  • Conducted my own tours.

Jonathan Meakin Jonathan Meakin