Mary Kate Murphy

Facilities Management

Position: Tutor

I am excited to help students reach their education and career goals.”

About Mary Kate Murphy

My career to date has seen me develop a variety of skills during my time leading workplace change in hyper-growth tech companies. I have led cross-functional teams in delivering regional HQs, launching GTM sites and assimilation of acquisitions. I have had the privilege to create global workplace programs and the opportunity to build truly engaging and inclusive workplace ecosystems that attract top talent and minimize attrition. I have managed complicated teams of vendors managing both hard and soft services. I am stakeholder and end-user-focused with the ability to identify common themes and key priorities across a company.

Mary Kate’s Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about helping the new generation of Facilities and Workplace professionals find their feet in this rapidly expanding field. I am creative and resourceful with ten years of experience in workplace services. My teaching style focuses on a compassionate and dedicated approach to a student’s development and educational needs. I am an enthusiastic tutor who encourages all students to become thinkers and self-motivated problem solvers, by creating a safe environment that promotes and supports higher-level student engagement and learning.


  • MSc Facilities and Workplace Management 
  • Master of Corporate Real Estate 
  • BA Double Honours 

Mary Kate Murphy Mary Kate Murphy