Sarah Coyne

Business of Fashion

Early Years & Montessori

As an Admissions Advisor, I work with students from our Business of Fashion and Early Years departments. I get a unique opportunity to support students at the start of their journey through education and deepen their love for learning, taking that forward with them as a lifelong passion and desire. It is a very fulfilling career.  

What do you enjoy about working in Portobello?  

As I am often the first point of contact for many prospective students, I am excited to introduce students to the Portobello Institute experience. I enjoy learning about students’ ideas, goals, and passions, and this job allows me to do so.   

What inspires you about working in education?  

What has encouraged me to work in education is the fact that I can contribute to the student’s process of learning. You can see the impact that you are having on the world around you. There aren’t many professions out there that allow for that, and the creative and curious aspects of education have led me to be constantly on the lookout for my own professional development. 

Have you a story that you recall that touched you/made you laugh/made you cry?  

Education has a very significant, lasting impact on every student. This impact involves not only the teaching of particular academic skills but just as importantly, the fostering of students’ self-esteem, motivation, and knowledge. It is very gratifying to give a person those tools to achieve so much. 

Why do you want to help students to decide on their course choice?   

I love being a source of support and guidance for students as they navigate through the learning world. My philosophy is that each student is unique, therefore they learn and thrive at their own pace, Portobello Institute is a special place to do this. I feel very fortunate to work alongside such a dedicated and warm-hearted team and love the dynamic and accommodating environment provided to meet everyone’s needs at every step of their journey.  

Sarah Coyne Sarah Coyne