Shardé Sebastian



My name is Shardé Sebastian and I am an Admissions Advisor for the Sports Department, at Portobello Institute. My career within the Sports and Leisure Industry has given me the opportunity to assist both adults and children in achieving their health and fitness goals, as well as mentor other coaches and trainers.  

What do you enjoy about working in Portobello?  

Portobello embodies a group of people who love what they do, and take pride in assisting the students who walk through our doors, being a part of a team like that, consistently reinforces my love of what I do. 

What inspires you about working in education?  

Education changes lives, not only for those that participate and graduate, but for the people around them too. I’ve experienced the life-changing challenges and rewards that education can bring and am thankful every day that I have had the opportunity to learn, but also now to share that opportunity with other potential students. 

Working as part of the Portobello Institute Team, has combined two of my biggest passions, Sport and Education. 

Have you a story that you recall that touched you/made you laugh/made you cry?  

Seeing students work in a field that they love after graduating, and seeing how fulfilled they are, is something I will never not love. 

Why do you want to help students to reach a decision on their course choice?  

Making the right decision on course choice, is life changing, not only because of what you will learn academically, but how you will grow personally. Assisting someone with that decision is extremely rewarding. 


Shardé Sebastian Shardé Sebastian