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This full-time MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and expertise required for you to become a qualified physiotherapist eligible for registration with HCPC, and eligibility to apply for registration with CORU.

Masters Degree
Course Delivery Mode Start Date Duration
MSc Physiotherapy
Delivery Mode
Full Time
Start Date
1st October 2024
2 years


There is a high demand for qualified personnel within Ireland’s third largest employer, the health sector. Staff shortages are especially noticeable in the health therapy professions. At the same time, there are extremely few training opportunities leading to degrees in allied health professions, highly competent physiotherapists are in high demand.

Our MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to become a registered physiotherapist.

This full-time physiotherapy masters degree programme encompasses the skills and knowledge that are necessary to work as part of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

A pathway to specialised healthcare

This two-year MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-reg.) program is designed for students with a degree in a related science discipline who desire to qualify and work as a physiotherapist at the Masters, pre-registration level.

Working under the guidance of highly skilled clinicians, you will learn to treat patients, observe other practitioners and participate in all aspects of physiotherapy-focused care. You will also have the opportunity to participate in case conferences, ward rounds and a range of visits.

Partners in specialised healthcare education

Portobello Institute will deliver this program in partnership with AECC University College with a start date of September ’24. AECC University is a small specialised university focusing on developing healthcare professionals.

Develop Practical Skills and Techniques

You will receive a variety of experiences with a wide spectrum of service users as part of the programme, including voluntary, and private placements, as well as our own on-site clinics. During first year, you will have 2 * seven week placements with a similar practical placement in your second year.

Throughout the program. the emphasis is put on the value of applied practice, analysis of case studies and real-life scenarios across the curriculum, followed by consolidation through reflection and application of skills in the placement context.

Learn from the Experts

This masters degree is delivered by a team of expert tutors who are all practicing clinicians and experienced educators. You will have personal one to one support from a personal academic tutor who is an experienced clinician and is there to to support you throughout your learning journey to achieve your personal best.

Here are some reasons to choose to study with Portobello:

  • Pathway to professional body registration – this course is approved by HCPC (UK) for registration, a professional body registration offering you the opportunity to access a career in allied science healthcare.
  • Career focused qualifications – our courses lead to awards that offer you the opportunity of immediate employment upon graduation.
  • Notable university partners – our university partners are among the top-ranking universities in the UK offering you access to a qualification from a renowned university.
  • Reputable placements – our work experience placements are with prominent organisations, connecting you with respected employers to build your future career network.
  • Realistic entry requirements – our entry requirements are reflective of the academic ability needed to successfully complete this course. These are clearly stated and remain static regardless of demand for places.
  • Individualised support – we fit your learning model with support available when you need it throughout your learning journey.
  • SMART assessments – we use a range of assessments for each module designed to support a broad range of learning styles, giving you the opportunity to excel.
  • Industry expert tutors – our tutors are all industry practitioners connecting research and theory with industry practice throughout their lectures.
  • Condensed scheduling – we value your time by ensuring your timetable is optimised for delivery over the same 2 – 3 days, helping you maintain a part-time job.
  • Flexible delivery – we deliver theory sessions on-site, online whilst also recording the session simultaneously offering you a choice of when and how you learn.
  • City Centre Location – Commuting to Portobello is very accessible – the Luas stops outside our door, and we are located within minutes from the major transport hubs.

Why should I study this course?

This MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) offers you the opportunity to attain a recognised masters degree with the option to immediately join the workforce.

This program aims to:

1. To develop competent evidence-based physiotherapists who are fit for award, practice, and the profession.
2. To develop strong professional role identity, autonomy, accountability and resilience
3. To develop physiotherapists who able to work autonomously in order to manage people using a personalised approach, when planning, implementing, and evaluating physiotherapy practice.
4. To equip students with the skills to act as confident, competent and reflective practitioners, who practise autonomously, compassionately, skilfully and safely, whilst maintaining dignity, promoting health and wellbeing.
5. To create graduates who act as ambassadors for the physiotherapy profession.
6. To development student’s clinical leadership, research capabilities and ability to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.
7. To foster independence in learning and commitment to continued professional development and lifelong learning.
8. To integrate theory and practice to enhance service user outcomes.

Having successfully completed this course students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
1. The biological, physiological, and biomechanical sciences underpinning physiotherapy practice.
2. Scientific knowledge, critical thinking and values in contemporary physiotherapy practice.
3. The ethical, moral and legal frameworks and legislation relating to physiotherapy practice
4. The nature of contemporary physiotherapy rehabilitation and practice
5. The appropriateness of specific physiotherapy assessment tools and models of practice
6. The design of appropriate assessments, treatments and management plans for specific service-user groups

Who will recognise my qualification?

Upon completing this postgraduate degree, you will hold an MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) awarded by AECC University College.

During your studies, you will be registered as a student of AECC University College.

This MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) gives you the training and experience required to qualify as a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered physiotherapist in the UK and to work and practice in the UK.

As a fully registered HCPC physiotherapist within the UK, you are then eligible to apply to register with the Irish multi-health and social care regulator, CORU whose role is to regulate the individuals who provide health and social care services in Ireland.


What will I study during this MSc Physiotherapy course?

With the support of Practice Educators, you will assess and manage patients, observe experienced clinicians and participate in all aspects of care including case conferences, ward
rounds and home visits.

You will have the opportunity to experience a range of placements. Through these placements, you will gain a variety of experiences with a wide range of client groups, under the guidance of skilled clinicians. Each student will gain experience of physiotherapy within various clinical, private and voluntary settings.

In terms of the specific focus of the relevant units;

In the Human Science in Practice, you will develop an understanding of functional anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, looking to explore the principles of pathological change and healing.

In Professional Practice, you develop an understanding of the healthcare context, the professional of physiotherapy and the
professional requirements to qualify as a physiotherapist.

In Concepts of Practice, your practical skills in assessing and screening related to physiotherapy practice are developed.

The Developing Physiotherapy Practice Skills 1 seeks to develop an
evidence-based approach to understanding how clinical sciences influence the management of problems commonly encountered by physiotherapists in clinical practice and the assessment and management of key pathologies and presentations.

In Developing Physiotherapy Practice Skills 2, you will build upon this knowledge to further extend your contemporary knowledge of  evidence based physiotherapy practice in more complex cases.

In Person Centred Practice, you will explore factors influencing optimal clinical and therapeutic outcomes for patients/clients.

The Mental Health unit develops a strong foundation of common mental health conditions, what to do to help the client, and routes for onward referral.

In Advanced Practice Skills, you develop an understanding of the psychological aspects of rehabilitation and recovery to ensure you are best placed to maximise patient/client outcomes through the recovery process.

Finally, you are required to undertake a research project as part of the Physiotherapy Dissertation, and in preparation for this compete the Research Methods in Health Science unit to develop your knowledge, skills and expertise regarding interpreting and undertaking research.

In addition, you will undertake two placement units:

Physiotherapy Practice 1 and Physiotherapy Practice 2.

In these two units, you undertake a minimum combined total of
1000 practice hours through which you will develop and demonstrate your competency in core practice areas of physiotherapy.

How will I learn?

Delivery Mode

This MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) utilises a blended learning approach, with a mix of learning environments including large and small lectures, problem-based learning, common and complex case studies.

You will be empowered to provide high-quality treatment and rehabilitation for a variety of conditions across diverse specialities, providing a link between theory and practise, so that everything can be applied into your placements and real-world scenarios.

First year begins with theory-based learning followed by x2 seven-week placements where you will take your theory into practise. You will then return to the class to study problem-based learning scenarios within a person-centred practise framework.

In year two, your theory will involve building upon evidence-based physiotherapy practise through research, before completing another x2 seven-week placements and returning to campus for your final dissertation.

The importance of an interprofessional approach to health and social care will be emphasised in the MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) units to reflect current approaches to healthcare.

For example, within a rehabilitative approach to several health related and complex conditions. Interprofessional learning will be embedded in the theory of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teamworking and how this is applied to practice. This will be developed further through the clinical placements.

Formal teaching methods will vary depending on the relevant learning outcomes of specific units, but will include the following activity types:

Lectures (Scheduled)
Seminars (Scheduled)
Tutorials (Scheduled)
Project Supervision (Scheduled)
Practical Classes and Workshops (Scheduled)
Guided Independent Study (Independent)

In addition, a variety of other teaching and learning methods will also be employed. These may include:
 Guest Speakers
 Small Group Learning Activities and Projects
 Simulated learning activities

Your employability skills are also developed throughout the course with individual and group based exercises that require design, planning, analysis and evaluation within a theoretical and
practical context.

You are normally expected to attend all elements of the course and will require a minimum of 80% attendance across all modules.

How will I be assessed?

SMART assessments – we use a range of assessments for each module designed to support a broad range of learning styles, giving you the opportunity to excel.

The primary aim of the varying assessment styles is to support you to demonstrate your knowledge of theory and practical as a result of a range of assessments.

The final year project provides the opportunity for an extended piece of formal scientific writing preparing you for your future career and the need to keep scientific based patient notes. We encourage you to reflect on your knowledge gain with a number of assignments designed to explore your learning journey.

All of these assessment methods are seeking to support you to combine theory with scenario-based learning and how to practically implement these methods into your everyday practice.


Course Delivery Mode
MSc Physiotherapy
Delivery Mode
Full Time
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Career prospects

The broad nature of physiotherapy means there really is no limit to where you can take the skills you will acquire. Take your degree far and wide, from working in public or private practise, in voluntary, higher education, and research. Physiotherapists are needed in many different areas such as, paediatrics, orthopaedics, care of the elderly, neurological, respiratory, intensive care, chronic and acute respiratory to name a few.

Ireland: The demand for physiotherapists in Ireland is high, and there are numerous job possibilities available. Public and private hospitals, rehabilitation centres, sports clinics, nursing homes, community health cents, and private offices are among places where physiotherapists can find work. They may also work with sports teams, occupational health services, or academic or research institutes. The Irish health system allows physiotherapists to operate in a variety of venues and treat a wide spectrum of patients.

United Kingdom (UK): There are several job opportunities for physiotherapists in the United Kingdom. The National Health Service (NHS), private healthcare institutions, sports clubs, and fitness centres all have openings. Physiotherapists can specialize in a variety of fields, including musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, paediatric, and sports physiotherapy. There are also opportunities in the field for research, teaching, and management.

Holding HCPC registration, gives graduates the advantage of immediate recognition of their physiotherapy qualification to work within the national healthcare services of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Speak to an expert

Choosing a course that will lead you to your career of choice is a significant decision. Understanding the delivery modes, supports available, career opportunities and further study options are all key considerations when making your choice. Our course adviser team are experts in the courses Portobello offers, the employment prospects and possible progression routes to Masters programmes – they will guide you through the detail and support you with any queries you may have.

It is important you make the right choice for you and choose the Institute and course that will best suit your needs.

Your Consultant

Jay Lester


As the Sports Admissions Advisor, I work with students from our sports departments. I get to play a vital part in the advancement of peoples lives and career ambitions from supporting students at the start of their journey through education, taking that forward with them as a lifelong passion and desire. Knowledge is key and I carry this message to all who have an interest in joining any of our sports courses.

What do you enjoy about working in Portobello?  

Being in admissions for the sports department you are lucky because not only do you play a vital part in the student’s life by way of providing clear advice on courses you also get to know the students and understand their visions from the very first interaction.

What inspires you about working in education?  

Education has always been a passion of mine as I do firmly believe that with the knowledge and skills for our desired careers, we can really go on to accomplish anything in life. I don’t believe that barriers shouldn’t exist when it comes to education, and I like to ensure nobody else feels they should either.

Have you a story that you recall that touched you/made you laugh/made you cry? 

Many of us can recall that one person be it an old schoolteacher or a college tutor who took that extra bit of interest in us, I believe these occurrences are pivotal. I’ve been fortunate enough in life to see the impact education and a second chance can do for people this attracted me into the career I have today.

Why do you want to help students to decide on their course choice?  

I love being a source of support and guidance for students as they navigate through the learning world. Portobello Institute is a special place to do this. I feel very fortunate to work alongside such a dedicated and warm-hearted team and love the dynamic and accommodating environment provided to meet everyone’s needs at every step of their journey.

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How do I apply?

Entry to this course is by direct application to Portobello Institute.

Application will not open until January 2024 and further information will be available here late in 2023.

Entry Requirements

You will require a first or second class (2:1 or 2:2) BSc (Hons) degree in a relevant science-based subject.

Examples of relevant subjects include sport and exercise science, sports rehabilitation, sports therapy, human biology, biomedical sciences, anatomy and physiology, healthcare studies.


An existing qualification in nursing, midwifery or relevant Allied Health Profession (e.g: osteopathy or chiropractic).



Applicants who do not meet any of the entry criteria, may be required to attend an interview with an offer of a place on the programme issued following assessment of suitability. Applicants confirm acceptance of offer by returning acceptance form.

Please note places on this course are only confirmed once tuition fees have been received.

Students will be registered as an undergraduate degree student with University of Essex

Fees & Payment Options


Course Price

Year 1 base fee


Exam Body Reg. Fee


Overall Course Price

Total amount due


Easy Payment Plan

Payment Option 1

33% deposit payment (€4,642.44), followed by 4 scheduled payments on the first of each month, commencing the 1st of the month after the start date of the course. Includes one off instalment fee of €195.

  • €2,356.39 due in month 1
  • €2,356.39 due in month 2
  • €2,356.39 due in month 3
  • €2,356.39 due in month 4

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MSc Physiotherapy
Delivery Mode
Full Time
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1st October 2024
2 years
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