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Brian Spring Brian Spring

Brian Spring


Brian Spring is a tutor for Portobello Institute’s sports department, working across a number of different modules including Human Physiology and Applied Principles of Strength and Conditioning. Brian grew up...

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Caroline Blackburn Caroline Blackburn

Caroline Blackburn

Business of Fashion

Caroline Blackburn’s passion for fashion and design comes from a source very close to home,  namely, her mother, Maureen. “I suppose it came from my mum. It’s a cliché but...

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Fabio Grassi Fabio Grassi

Fabio Grassi

Facilities Management

“My entire purpose for what I do in all these kinds of endeavours is to inspire change for others. Anybody that does the program, I want to inspire them to...

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Derek Fox Derek Fox

Derek Fox

Travel & Tourism

Derek Fox is a man whose experience spans many industries. He leads Portobello Institute’s MSc in Aviation Management and brings a wealth of experience to the role. He has worked...

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Dermot Hardy Dermot Hardy

Dermot Hardy

Travel & Tourism

Dermot Hardy is a key member of our faculty delivering core modules on our MSc in Aviation Management. He brings two and a half decades of lecturing and tutoring to...

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Tom Dawson Tom Dawson

Tom Dawson


“I really like exercise and I think a lot of people could enjoy it also if they thought it was more inclusive or if they knew what to do” –...

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