The Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 Part 6 requires that all QQI programmes over 12 weeks have an insurance policy in place for the Protection of Enrolled Learners.

Portobello Institute have established a mandatory policy for students with ODON O’Driscoll O’Neill Insurance, ensuring that each student has the required financial insurance in place should any unforeseen circumstances arise during their study period. The payment for Insurance is in addition to your course fee and is a mandatory obligation from each registering learner.

Following payment to ODON by the college you will be sent through your certificate which will contain your personal details and your ID for your policy. You do not have to contact ODON directly or pay them directly. The college will process this on your behalf.

Please retain your insurance certificate for the duration of your course. This is proof that your payment and course is insured in line with PEL requirements.

O’Driscoll O’Neil Ltd Insurance is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.