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Delivered through blended learning, this Environmental Impact Assessment Programme is designed to provide a critical overview of the theory and practice of EIA as operated within Ireland and under international legislation.

Start Date
18th October 2021
Portobello Institute
Course Duration
4 months


Portobello Institute’s Environmental Assessment Programme is designed to provide a critical overview of the theory and practice of EIA as operated within Ireland and under international legislation. This course is recognised by Engineers Ireland (the Professional body for engineers and engineering in Ireland) and is delivered online with supporting webinars one evening a week over the duration of four months, allowing you to fit your study around your busy working life.

There are a wide range of issues currently facing organisations in the whole area of Environmental Impact Assessment. These include: process and best practice, practical requirements, the legislative framework and cost benefit analysis among others.

This Environmental Impact Assessment Programme gives you a broad understanding of the process and best practice for EIA and provides you with the skills needed to manage, understand and oversee the creation of an EIA for your organisation.

Why should I study this course?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an increasingly important element of European Union environmental policy.  The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process ensures that projects which are likely to have an effect on the environment are assessed in advance so that people are aware of what those effects are likely to be. EU policy provides that an EIA must be conducted by a ‘qualified expert’.

This Programme will provide you with an Understanding of the process and best practice for EIA and relate them to current best procedures in Ireland operating under relevant EU Directives. You will identify and evaluate an appropriate environmental policy for a project/organisation and understand the specialist roles in the EIA process. You will learn to manage, understand and oversee the creation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

This programme will also allow assessors of completed EIA’s to make sure they comply with EU standards and will give them an understanding of the benchmark standards the reports should be working to. Developed by a team highly knowledgeable specialists in Environmental Impact Assessment, each module provides participants with a fundamental understanding of EIA from a local, national and international perspective.

Who will recognise my qualification?

Upon completion of the course you will hold a Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment.

Engineers Ireland (EI) credit this course as a CPD approved programme for EI Members

The Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) counts towards CIEEM’s CPD requirement for members. IEEM is the professional body that represents and supports ecologists and environmental managers in the UK, Ireland and abroad.

The Institute of Archaelogists of Ireland (IAI) recognises that members who successfully complete this course are eligible for CPD points under the IAI CPD framework.

What will I study during this Environmental Impact Assessment (Oct ’21) course?

During this course you will study the following topics;

EIS Review
Human Health Impact Assessment
Legal Framework and Guidance
Landscape and Visual – Architectural  Planning, Landscape Character and Impacts & Built environment – case studies
Built environment & Archaeology
Natural Environment, Ecology, Habitats, Flora
Geology Soils and water and natural environment
Risk Assessment and case study
Physical Environment – Waste
Socio and economic effect and influences

  • History and Background of EIA

    The environment and sustainability and what life was like before EIA’s, purpose and aims of EIA, appreciate the role of EIA in the decision-making process, understand the strengths of EIA in regard to environmental management, understand the technical
    and social/political limitations of EIA.

  • The Legal Framework
  • Managing EIA’s

    Public risk perception, how fast information can be retrieved, coping the studies – understand the scoping process and how it is applied; Concept of associated assessment processes, key elements of the EIA process, understand the screening process, know the options for estimating environmental and social impacts.

  • Techniques and Specialists

    Undertaking an EIA, stages that follow EIA, surveying, monitoring, techniques, dealing with specialists and understanding their role, evaluating their impact and valuing the receptors.

  • Outside Influences

    Role of public participation, dealing with the public and their input, action groups, witnesses, statutory bodies, NGO’s, oral hearing.

  • Eco-Environment

    Ecosystems, agriculture/applied biology, human health, valuing ecological resources, European sites, habitats, species, evidence based impact prediction, the aquatic environment.

  • Physical Environment

    Noise, air, surface ground, waters, soils, climate, vibrations.

  • Build Environment

    Social impacts EIA’s, architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage, landscape and visual impact assessment, archaeological impacts and preservation in situ, archaeological research methods and results.

  • Case Study

    Examine prior cases: Road scheme, Windfarm, Waste water treatment.

  • Conclusion and Future Developments

    Tools, impacts, assessments, risks and health guidelines. The costs and benefits of undertaking EIA, understanding of the strengths and limitations of EIA. Appreciate the factors that assist, and detract, from the usefulness of the EIA Report. Understand the purpose of developing follow up procedures, and the options for designing these procedures.

Who will I learn from?

Personal Academic Tutor

This course is delivered by a group of experts in EIA. All tutors bring a wealth of industry experience and knowledge for the classroom.

Each student is assigned a personal academic tutor to support you throughout your learning journey. They are available to offer you telephone and email support at any time. You can arrange to meet them for further one to one guidance at a time convenient to you.

Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion. Emailing your tutor at any stage during your programme to ask a query or submit a draft of your assessment supports you to achieve your personal best throughout your studies with Portobello.

This level of one to one support is a particular benefit to choosing Portobello as your Institute of choice to complete your studies.

How will I learn?

Delivery Mode

The Difference between Blended and Online with Webinars Delivery Modes

There are two delivery mode options to study facilities management courses in Portobello Institute.

Blended learning offers you the opportunity to study with lectures delivered on-site at the weekends. This condensed scheduling is specifically designed to fit into your life as a working facilities management professional.

It also makes studying a degree more accessible if you live outside of Dublin.

All online only lectures are recorded for you to catch-up later. Where lectures are delivered onsite – these will simultaneously be delivered online and will also be recorded so you can customise your learning journey – attend on-site, online, or catch-up later.

Online with Webinars – you will not be required to attend on-site lectures if you are enrolled on a course with this delivery mode. All lectures are delivered online and are recorded so you can catch-up later.

Having the flexibility to choose whether you attend a lecture as it is taking place or to catch up later means you can seamlessly access and fit education into your life whilst still continuing with your everyday life.

Course Structure

This is a blended learning course, a mix between online learning and webinars. Webinars are delivered one evening a week to deliver course content and support you with your online learning.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar, in the context of online learning, is a lecturer delivering a presentation or class online to a group of students. We use specifically designed e-learning software so you can participate in the class just as if you were present in the same room. You can ask a question of the lecturer at any stage during the class. The software is designed with “break-out rooms” where you can discuss a topic or complete a group exercise with a smaller group from your class. You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has internet connection, an audio facility so you can hear and speak during the class and a camera so your lecturer and fellow class participants can see you. The webinar is a secure online environment and only those permitted entry by the lecturer can gain access to the “classroom”. Webinars are recorded during each session and should you miss a session, you can catch up with the recorded session at a later date.

Tutor Support

You can email your tutor at any stage during the module to ask a simple query or submit a draft of your assessment. Our programme management team are always available to offer you telephone and email support and if you need to, you can arrange to meet them for further one to one guidance.

Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion.  This level of one to one support is a particular benefit to choosing this mode of study. Portobello Institute has invested in a team of programme managers and tutors who are experienced sports therapy practitioners as well as qualified and knowledgeable educators. They are available to assist you at every stage of this programme.

Course Schedule


This course runs for 14 weeks, from 19/10/21 – 08/02/22

Webinars take place on Tuesday evenings, 7:00pm – 9:00pm.

How will I be assessed?

Assignments are work-based, reflecting live business projects and activities. These are the core assessment techniques used for this qualification.

Career prospects

This course prepares students for a variety of careers in environmental consultancy and is also suitable for health workers, developers, planners, architects, environmentalists, geologists, ecologists, and archaeologists who would like to expand their knowledge in the area.

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How do I apply?

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college.


Without a Leaving Certificate

There are no previous academic or experience requirements for this course.

Application Process

Step 1

Complete the online booking form.

Step 2

Applicants will be contacted for confirmation of their personal details.

Step 3

Confirmation of a place will be given to applicants immediately meeting the criteria.

Fees & Payment Options


Course Price

Per academic year.


Full Payment

Total amount payable.


Easy Payment Plan

Deposit of 33% upon booking. Balance paid in 4 instalments commencing the 1st of the month after the course starts. All additional fees such as instalment fees etc. are included in the easy payment plan.

Deposit + 4 Instalments

Deposit payment (€1,052.70), followed by 4 scheduled payments every 1 month(s). Includes one off instalment fee of €195.00.

  • €534.33 due on 1st July 2021.
  • €534.33 due on 1st August 2021.
  • €534.33 due on 1st September 2021.
  • €534.33 due on 1st October 2021.