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Ramune Tamoskiene – Blended Learning Early Childhood Studies Success

Early Years Graduate

Ramune Tamoskiene – Blended Learning Early Childhood Studies Success

Ramune Tamoskiene – Blended Learning Early Childhood Studies Success

A blended learning early childhood studies degree is a great way to achieve your academic goals while continuing to work and manage a busy lifestyle.

Ramune Tamoskiene arrived in Ireland having already undertaken some studies in Early Years education.

She wanted to enhance her learning and professional competence.

“Every new learning experience is beneficial not only to me as a professional but to every child and his/her family attending the service. I was eager to get more so that I could give more,” she said.

Ramune enrolled on the Blended Learning Early Childhood Studies degree as she was living and working in Kerry.  Ramune had previously undertaken distance education and we were keen to hear her thoughts on this programme.

“I loved it. I think the course was very well developed. It is well organized, easily accessible and reasonable in price. The time frames were well planned and maintained. It was quite intense but manageable.

“The tutors provided academic support and expertise of the highest quality and offered sincere and valuable guidance and encouragement,” she said.

The blended learning early childhood studies degree suited Ramune’s learning style and she worked on managing her time and organizing her workload to study at home, in the evenings, after work and/or on weekends.

She continued to work in-person weekdays.

“The blended learning early childhood studies degree allowed me to gain a deeper understanding about childcare. It shaped my professional competence and encouraged the growth of my confidence which was noticed and rewarded,” she said.

At the beginning of the course, Ramune found the biggest challenge to be that of interpretation.

“At times, I could interpret material in a slightly different way, but my tutor was always there to guide and support me. Guidance, support and practice have enabled me to overcome this challenge.”

“Workshops provided more academic support, which was of vital importance at the start of each new module.”

“Studying at the Portobello Institute did change my life. It gave me the confidence, not only to make progress in my professional life but also to pursue my personal goals.

“This course has given me competence, self-respect, self-confidence, and it has changed my whole understanding about childcare. It enabled me to feel that I have got a career,” she said.

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