Wayne Noonan – Why a Seasoned FM Professional Returned to Education

Alumni of IWFM 3

Facilities Management

Returning to education with almost two decades of experience in your industry can seem daunting, but for Wayne Noonan, it was completely worthwhile.

Through hard work and commitment, he rose through the ranks and stands today with 18 years of service with Cardinal Health, a medical device manufacturing company. He achieved this without having held a third-level qualification.

With support from his company and encouragement from his manager, Wayne now has a valuable IWFM 3 qualification to show alongside his experience. It is never too late to upskill, particularly in the facilities management sector.

“The company I work for encourages people development and offers an education assistance program which I utilised to subsidise the cost of the course.

“My manager encouraged me to look for a qualification that aligns with my current role within the company,” he said.

That qualification was Portobello Institute’s IWFM Level 3 Certificate in Facilities Management.

With so much experience in the field, why did Wayne feel the need to go back to education?

“I’m 18 years with the company and in this I have worked in a number of areas. I have gained a wealth of knowledge during this time.

“This course allows me to add qualifications to the knowledge that I have gained and further my career development,” he said.

Like many who followed a similar path of going back to education after a long time out of it, Wayne had some concerns.

“Initially I found the thoughts of returning to education quite daunting as it was 20 years since I attended a school or college.

“I was concerned about the workload and how it would affect my work/life balance.”

It is a common concern.

Those who come to do IWFM 3 or any of the subsequent qualifications Portobello offers are often well-established industry professionals who work in jobs that require a lot of commitment.

Portobello Institute makes furthering your education accessible with delivery methods designed to fit around busy schedules, work and family life.

“The course suited me as it was assignment based and online learning. I could complete it in my own time and continue in full-time employment.

“It allowed me to maintain a good work/college/life balance,” he said.

Another aspect Portobello focuses on is student experience and assistance, something Wayne says he particularly appreciated.

“My experience with Portobello was a very good one. The course aligned with my current role and will assist with my career progression.

“All personnel from the college were excellent from assistance to registering for the course, general communication, classes and assignment help.

“Tutors provided both phone and email contact information so they could assist with any queries I had,” he said.

Earning his IWFM Level 3 qualification does not spell the end of Wayne’s education journey.

“This course has allowed me to enter into the IWFM Level 4 Diploma in Facilities Management, which will better my education even more,” he said.

Are you looking to upskill, like Wayne? Want to come back to education in a flexible way that suits you? Gain your qualification to match your years of experience?

If you are interested in IWFM Level 3 or any of our facilities management degrees or qualifications you can book a consultation call with our expert FM advisor Brandon McLean here, email [email protected] or call 01 892 0035.

Wayne Noonan – Why a Seasoned FM Professional Returned to Education Wayne Noonan – Why a Seasoned FM Professional Returned to Education