Sharon Malone

Facilities Management

Sharon Malone | Marketing & Digital Media Manager | Guest Speaker to Facilities Management Events

Meet Sharon Malone, Environmentally focused and project managing, we are delighted to to have her as a guest Speaker to our numerous Facilities Management special events & webinars. Her wealth of industry insight is a great asset to our students.

Combining two of her passions, a love for County Clare and a strong interest in environmental sustainability, Sharon is very much at home in her role as Marketing & Digital Media Manager in The Falls Hotel & Spa in Ennis tymon.  Sharon has a degree in Marketing from Trinity College, and as the marketing environment evolved, she upskilled with a diploma in Digital Marketing.  Working for the family-owned hotel in North Clare means she can use these skills to promote the Falls Hotel and County Clare as a destination.

Sustainability is at the heart of all that The Falls Hotel does.  Sharon has headed up the Green Team in the hotel since early 2019.  One of the biggest sustainability projects they took on was to install a hydro electric turbine on the river running alongside the hotel.  A 220kilowatt hydro turbine was installed and when the river is in full flow, they get 100% of their electricity needs from the river, dramatically reduced their dependency on carbon fuels.  In March 2021, the property was certified as a carbon neutral property by, through Green Hospitality Ireland.  In a five year period, through many green initiatives, they reduced their carbon emmissions by approximately 90%.  The moment you arrive on to the 50 acre property, you are reducing your own carbon footprint!

Sharon Malone Sharon Malone