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Delivered over 2 years, this combined programme of an MSc Physical Education, PGCEi and QTS (AO) offers you the opportunity to develop your critical understanding of physical education, through theoretical, practical and work-based learning experiences and a pathway towards PE teaching.


Masters Degree
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MSc Physical Education, PGCEi & QTS package
Delivery Mode
Blended Learning
Start Date
7th October 2023
2 years


With Physical Education now a state exam topic, this integrated programme is specifically developed to meet Ireland’s growing demand for specialised and certified Physical Education (PE) teachers. You will be well-prepared to contribute to the development and delivery of high-quality Physical Education in Ireland upon graduation with an MSc Physical Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education International and QTS registration.

This programme is open to applicants who completed a course at  a NFQ level 8 or 9 which meets the Curricular Subject Requirements for Physical Education. If you do not hold the relevant credits for Physical Education at undergraduate level, Portobello Institute offers a Graduate Diploma in Physical Education or a BA (Hons) Physical Education. More information is available here.

Qualifications from a recognised global leading sports science university

This combined postgraduate package of qualifications has been co-designed by the team in Portobello Institute and the renowned academic teams of both the school of education and the school of sports science and physical education in Liverpool John Moore’s University.

Awarded by Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU), graduates will hold an instantly recognised degree from one of the world’s leading universities for sports science and physical education.

This integrated postgraduate programme combines practical and theoretical aspects of physical education, teaching and provides work experience opportunities within the school and local community settings.

Alternative route to PE teaching with this programme

Our students can use this integrated programme with dual qualifications as an entry pathway to becoming a PE teacher by applying for Qualified Teacher Status via the Assessment Only route.

QTS is an English teaching qualification, application for registration with the Teaching Council of Ireland can subsequently be made through the “qualified abroad route” and is reviewed by the council on a case-by-case basis.

Outlined below are each of the programmes and the steps to completion. For more detailed information on each of these programmes, visit the relevant course pages here.

MSc Physical Education

Geared towards aspiring educators, this master’s program is tailored to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of physical education. The curriculum encompasses a variety of modules that explore topics such as learning methodologies, teaching strategies, and core principles of physical education. Alongside academic coursework, students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience through placements and culminate their studies with a thesis project.

The modules undertaken to complete this MSc Physical Education are as follows.

  1. Physical Education as a Learning Process
  2. Physical Teacher Education & Development
  3. Teaching Efficacy and Teacher Development
  4. Physical Literacy & Universal Models in Physical Education
  5. History, Policy & International Development of Curriculum in PE
  6. Research Methods
  7. Dissertation in Physical Education

This master’s program fosters ongoing growth and development as physical educators, emphasising the adoption of positive attitudes, values, and practices that contribute to continuous improvement as teachers in both the short and long term.

You will also learn about the underpinning principles of sports science as well as practical learning and teaching skills relating to work as a physical education teacher or sports coach. You will learn how to facilitate the enhancement of physical education through effective teaching. You will understand the principles and limitations of measurement and assessment strategies in sports, exercise and physical education.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education International (PGCEi)

This dynamic and relevant programme will appeal to those interested in deepening their knowledge and expertise in teaching and learning, and in developing an understanding of educational issues, challenges and innovative approaches to practice in multiple contexts.

The programme focuses on your development as an educator and an educational professional at all levels. The content and specialised online learning approach is designed to provide a rich, stimulating, and individualised learning experience.  This post-graduate programme aims to facilitate an exploration and understanding of the concepts, issues, policies and legislation pertaining to education.

The modules completed during this programme include the following.

  • Theories & Principles in Education, Teaching & Learning
  • Inclusive Pedagogy, and, Evidencing Impact on Learners
  • Critical Reflection & Developing Practice

The curriculum design and pedagogy is intended to offer a coherent academic experience. Academics from the LJMU School of Education have extensive experience of curriculum and assessment design, along with expertise in a range of education contexts and critical understanding of theories and philosophies of education and educational contexts.

This is an international programme; the use of culturally appropriate practice scenarios, policy critiques and case studies have been integrated throughout the programme, so that these are examined in local educational contexts.

Qualified Teacher Status – Assessment Only (QTS AO)

This Assessment Only route to Qualified Teacher Status provides you with a unique opportunity to gain a QTS qualification. It is designed for those working in education yet to qualify as teachers.

The QTS AO element of this integrated programme is completed at the end of the 2 years when you have completed the required teaching experience working in a teaching role. As this is “Assessment Only”, it requires you to build evidence on our online system of your portfolio of experience.

There are 2 phases to this programme – pre-assessment and the formal assessment phase.

During the pre-assessment phase, you will prepare your portfolio – this will be audited against the teaching standards and areas for development will be identified to be completed during the formal assessment phase. The formal assessment phase takes place over a 12 week placement block during which you will receive 2 formal assessment visits. Upon successful completion of the assessments, you will be recommended to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)  for the award of  Qualified Teacher Status.

QTS is an English teaching qualification which provides access to teaching within UK and international schools. Application for registration with the Teaching Council of Ireland can be made through the “qualified abroad route” and is reviewed by the council on a case-by-case basis.

Learn from the experts

This programme is delivered by a team of expert tutors who are experienced practitioners and educators. You will have personal one to one support from a personal academic tutor who is an experienced PE teacher and is there to to support you throughout your learning journey to achieve your personal best.

Here are some reasons to choose to study with Portobello:

  • Career focused qualifications – our courses lead to awards that offer you the opportunity of immediate employment upon graduation.
  • Notable university partners – our university partners are among the top-ranking universities in the UK offering you access to a qualification from a renowned university.
  • Realistic entry requirements – our entry requirements are reflective of the academic ability needed to successfully complete this course. These are clearly stated and remain static regardless of demand for places.
  • Individualised support – we fit your learning model with support available when you need it throughout your learning journey.
  • SMART assessments – we use a range of assessments for each module designed to support a broad range of learning styles, giving you the opportunity to excel.
  • Industry expert tutors – our tutors are all industry practitioners connecting research and theory with industry practice throughout their lectures.
  • Condensed scheduling – we value your time by ensuring your timetable is optimised with webinars scheduled for delivery over weekends.
  • Flexible delivery – we deliver theory sessions online whilst also recording the session simultaneously offering you a choice of when and how you learn.
  • City Centre Location – Commuting to Portobello is very accessible – the Luas stops outside our door, and we are located within minutes from the major transport hubs.
  • Affordable payment options – all our courses offer you the option to choose an easy payment plan supporting you to spread the cost out over your learning journey.

Who will recognise my qualification?

Upon completing this dual programme, you will hold a MSc Physical Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education International awarded by Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU), one of the leading universities globally for sports science and physical education.

Upon successful completion of the requirements for Assessment Only, you will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status by the Teaching Regulation Agency in the UK.

QTS is an English teaching qualification which provides access to teaching within UK and international schools. Application for registration with the Teaching Council of Ireland is made through the “qualified abroad route” and is reviewed by the council on a case-by-case basis.

You will be registered as a student of LJMU for the duration of your studies.

Qualifications Frameworks in Ireland and the UK

The Irish and UK qualifications authorities have collaborated on initiatives that promote the transparency, recognition and mobility of qualifications between our respective jurisdictions. The qualifications authorities in the UK and Ireland have agreed the qualifications frameworks in operation, Brexit will not impact this agreement. Further guidance on this framework is available here.

What will I study during this MSc Physical Education, PGCEi & QTS package course?

Contemporary content for modern day physical education

During the master’s program, you will learn how to effectively plan, teach, and utilize assessment methods within your specific subject area. Drawing upon a wide range of Physical Education knowledge and pedagogical approaches, you will develop the skills to create engaging and impactful learning experiences.

The content of the PGCEi will support you to deepen your knowledge and critical understanding of principles and theories relating to education, teaching and learning. To identify and apply strategies and methods which translate into effective teaching, learning and assessment practices in the educational environment.

More detailed information of the content covered during each of these programmes is outlined in the “What will I study” section of each course page linked here.

  • MSc Physical Education
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education International

Who will I learn from?

Personal Academic Tutor

You will learn from a range of applied practitioners including primary and secondary school PE specialists, psychologists, sports and exercise scientists.

Each student is assigned a personal academic tutor to support you throughout your learning journey. They are available to offer you telephone and email support at any time. You can arrange to meet them for further one to one guidance at a time convenient to you.

Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion. Emailing your tutor at any stage during your programme to ask a query or submit a draft of your assessment supports you to achieve your personal best throughout your studies with Portobello.

This level of one to one support is a particular benefit to choosing Portobello as your Institute of choice to complete your studies.

Barry Roe

Barry Roe started out his career in what he calls one of the big three (Business, Medicine, Law).

“Nobody ever really entertained the possibility of a real career in sports, even though there were a lot of serious athletes involved, people who were hugely successful in their sporting lives, got scholarships and everything. They never took sport seriously in terms of seeing it as an actual career path.”

He landed that coveted corner office in a tall building managing pension funds. Barry had what most would consider a perk. His office literally overlooked the Leinster training ground. If Leinster scored a try off a set piece move on Friday night, Barry had seen it happen on Tuesday. He knew who the next superstar talent was and got to watch him everyday.

But that’s not what Barry wanted. Instead of a perk, it was only adding to his misery in his office job.

“It was only my wife really who sat me down and said ‘Look you’re obviously miserable.’

Having studied something like business and marketing, it was a great experience…but if I could go back I would definitely have just gone through the sporting route. If I could talk to my teenage self I would say what do you actually really like to do and what would you like to do with the rest of your life as opposed to what do you think you should be doing.

Forget what you think you should be doing, just go do what you like to do and you’ll succeed in it. You’ll make more successful leaps and bounds far quicker than you would slogging it out during a recession in finance.”

With a very understanding wife at his side, Barry gave up his career in finance and became a personal trainer. He earned his MSc Sports Performance from the University of Limerick before becoming a strength and conditioning coach and nutrition advisor for Munster Rugby.

“When you’re sitting there thinking ‘I’m here working in pension funds until I potentially start drawing my own pension.’ Nah, that was not happening. No. Game over.”

Having worked with elite athletes and having set up his own personal training business, Barry then sought out to satiate his desire to educate. That’s how he wound up at Portobello Institute.

“My philosophy is to always be open to new challenges and opportunities. In doing so, I feel that I will maintain a fresh perspective and continue to grow professionally and personally. My goal as an educator in the undergraduate program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to become professionally competent in their chosen pathways.

My teaching philosophy takes a student-centric approach. I strive to create a collaborative and interactive learning environment; one that allows our diverse student body to share their own unique experiences and perspectives. My overall aim is to equip my students with the skills and confidence to make a seamless transition from their academic studies into their chosen careers.”

Becoming an educator was a natural fit for Barry as he has continually sought out education himself as a student. His initial degree in marketing wasn’t ultimately what he wanted to build his career in but it didn’t mar his passion for education. Since then he has earned his Masters from UL but also completed the National Qualifications in Suspension Training, Pre & Post Natal Exercise, Indoor Cycling and Kettlebell Training and further qualifications with the IRFU, U.K. Anti Doping, ISAK and Les Mills.

Anthony Sheriff

“I very much took the scenic route to education.”

Anthony Sheriff isn’t joking. After leaving school in Ireland, he spent a year in Australia before returning to Ireland before then going to college in Liverpool. From there he found his way to different cities in the United Kingdom before spending two years as a teacher in Dubai.

Travelling the world may or may not have been a goal for Anthony that he was always aware of but it definitely would have been a surprise to his younger self that he was travelling as a teacher.

“When I was a teenager absolutely I was sports mad. Right back as far as I can remember as a child, my mam always says that I was kicking a football before I could walk. You’d probably struggle to find a sport that I haven’t played or competed in at one stage.

I was never the academic type. I was never the type to be massively interested in school apart from PE. When I was in school all I wanted to do was to be out playing sport really. It’s not that I hated school, I got the work done that had to be done but I think my mind was just on sport the whole time so I was never massively interested.”

Initially after leaving school, Anthony worked in different jobs. He was a greenkeeper, worked in a bar and in construction. He moved to Australia for a year on a whim when his friend asked him if he wanted to go.

Anthony openly admits that he didn’t know what he wanted to do at that stage of his life.

College didn’t become an option for him until he was 22 years of age after leaving secondary school at 18. It was all that time he spent on building sites in Australia that made him realize what he really wanted to pursue in life.

“I was doing a lot of these labouring jobs and it was a bit of craic and all on the site, it was enjoyable at times but I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do long term. That’s when I started to have a deep think about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

Since PE was the only thing he had any care for during his time in school, Anthony began searching through online courses to see what qualification he could actually earn and what career he could build. That led him to Liverpool John Moores University in England.

Once he started studying in Liverpool, Anthony no longer had to figure out what he wanted to do. His career outlined itself in front of him.

“Liverpool was where the opportunity was…an absolutely excellent college. It’s just a fantastic place. The tutors the way they worked with us so closely because going into it I was worrying you’d be going into a class of 100 people the way you see college on television and there’s these big lecture halls. It’s very impersonal.

But that wasn’t the experience at all. They focus on each individual. They’re just very, very helpful and the course they put on was excellent.”

After finishing his degree at LJMU, Anthony became a qualified PE teacher in England and earned his master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Working in Manchester and studying in Leeds after going to college in Liverpool, Anthony was able to broaden his connections within the sports industry.

Since then he has worked with top level athletes to help them in sports psychology while also starting his own podcast that features some big names across different sports.

The balance between his two areas of expertise, sports psychology and teaching, have helped Anthony to become a very approachable tutor who encourages discussions in lectures to maximize the time he has with his students.

“I believe strongly in working together with the students n my class and will always encourage students to share their opinions to help create interesting discussions. I am also a strong believer in reflective practice and believe that this approach will allow me to improve continuously which will then maximize the student’s potential to achieve their goals.”

The broad nature of Anthony’s skill set and the fact that he has worked internationally in different roles at high levels made him an appealing tutor for Portobello Institute.

Our students continually benefit from his ability to connect with the individual and understand their needs.

“I’m used to working with children, teenagers, adults, whatever it may be. But also when I see students coming in and they’re studying PE, I can better understand them because I’ve taken the scenic route.

A lot of people come in straight from school, straight to college and then back into a classroom teaching whereas I very much didn’t do that. I know what it’s like to finish school and not really have a clue about what you want to do.

I’m one of those people who did every job in the world and I found out what I didn’t want to do before I found out what I did want to do. That’s definitely helped me understand students coming from different areas of life.”



BA(Hons) Education Studies and Physical Education

PGCE Primary Education with PE Specialism

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology


How will I learn?

Delivery Mode

This programme is designed for integrated study with a combination of taught modules delivered online, self-directed learning and practical placement in schools.

Portobello ensures scheduling of taught modules is considerate of students working and study-life balance. The course timetable is condensed to be delivered with online webinars delivered live at the weekend and recorded so you can catch up later should you miss the session.

Online modules commence with an induction webinar and you will meet your lead lecturer during this session.  You will be able to log-in and “attend” the lecture even if you are off-site or you can re-visit the lecture at a later date through our online portal. You can upload your assessments and your lecturer will give you feedback on whether you are on the right track before you submit the final version.

Interactive break-out rooms

The software is designed with “break-out rooms” where you can discuss a topic or complete a group exercise with a smaller group from your class. You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has internet connection, an audio facility so you can hear and speak during the class and a camera so your lecturer and fellow class participants can see you.

Secure online learning environment

The webinar is a secure online environment and only those permitted entry by the lecturer can gain access to the “classroom”. Webinars are recorded during each session and should you miss a session, you can catch up with the recorded session at a later date. You will only be able to access Webinars of the group you are assigned to.

Having the flexibility to choose whether you attend a lecture as it is taking place or to catch up later means you can seamlessly access and fit education into your life whilst still continuing with your everyday life.

Tutor Support

You can email your tutor at any stage during the module to ask a simple query and there will be scheduled opportunities to submit a draft of your assignment. Our programme management team are always available to meet you or offer you telephone and email support. For more information about our team, click here. Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion.

This level of one-to-one support is unique and is a particular benefit to choosing Portobello Institute. We have invested in a team of programme managers and tutors who are experienced and knowledgeable educators. They are available to assist you at every stage of this programme and support you to achieve your personal best.

Online Learning Portal – ePortobello

During the induction seminar, we will show you how to navigate and find what you need with all of the information you need to complete this programme uploaded on to ePortobello. The content of this programme is set out in an easy to follow format with a combination of notes, articles, podcasts and other materials that will help you to understand the subject and complete your assessments.

Practical Placements

You will be required to complete a practical placement as part of the requirements for this programme. There will be set tasks for you to complete and if you are already working in an educational environment, these hours can be used as your placement provided you can complete the tasks required.

Application for the Qualified Teacher Status requires completion of 120 days of teaching placement across two secondary schools (the majority of placement days can be spent in one school). A typical school day is 3-4 hours per day. The placement can be completed over 4 blocks:

  • Block 1:  2 days per week over  a 12-week period or 4 days per week over a 6-week period
  • Block 2: 2 days per week over a 12-week period or 4 days per week over a 6-week period
  • Block 3: 4 days per week over a 12-week period
  • Block 4: 3 days per week over a 12-week period or 4 days per week over an 8-week period

We provide support to students whilst sourcing placements however students are responsible to source a placement convenient to their location and availability.

There is some flexibility if this schedule does not fit with your work/home life.

Course Structure

This course is delivered over two years with entry points in October and February each year.

The time table for online with webinars will be released shortly.

The programme has been designed to integrate the MSc Physical Education modules and the PGCEi modules, with the practical placement requirements to prepare you to apply for QTS AO by the end of the second academic year.

Academic Calendar Year 1

Year 1

Semester 1 runs from 07/10/23 – 07/01/24.

Assessments take place between 13/01/24 – 27/01/24.

Semester 2 runs from 10/02/24 – 04/05/24.

Assessments take place between 04/05/22 – 19/05/22.

Academic Calendar - Year 2

Year 2

Semester 1 runs from 05/10/24 – 05/01/25

Assessments take place between 11/01/25 – 25/01/25

Semester 2 runs from 08/02/25 – 02/05/25.

Assessments take place between 04/05/25 – 19/05/25.

Real Life Learning Opportunities

Work Placement

As part of this integrated programme and to prepare you to apply for QTS through the Assessment Only route, you will gain important practical skills and experience through placement in schools and will be supported to compile a portfolio of evidence which you will present for assessment towards the end of the programme.

Application for the Qualified Teacher Status requires completion of 120 days of teaching placement across two secondary schools (the majority of placement days can be spent in one school). A typical school day is 3-4 hours per day. The placement can be completed over 4 blocks:

  • Block 1:  2 days per week over  a 12-week period or 4 days per week over a 6-week period
  • Block 2: 2 days per week over a 12-week period or 4 days per week over a 6-week period
  • Block 3: 4 days per week over a 12-week period
  • Block 4: 3 days per week over a 12-week period or 4 days per week over an 8-week period


How will I be assessed?

SMART assessments – we use a range of assessments for each module designed to support a broad range of learning styles, giving you the opportunity to excel.

The primary aim of the varying assessment styles is to support you to demonstrate your knowledge of theory and practical as a result of a range of assessments.

Group assignments will add another dimension to your learning experience – they will help you to learn to work in teams and will provide you with benefits of peer learning.

All these methods are seeking to support you to combine theory with scenario-based learning and encourage and guiding you for future implementation into your career as a physical education teacher.


Course Delivery Mode
MSc Physical Education, PGCEi & QTS package
Delivery Mode
Blended Learning
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Career prospects

This postgraduate package of qualifications in Physical Education can open up various career prospects in the field of education and sports. Here are some potential career paths for a graduate of this programme:

  1. Physical Education Teacher: With this degree, you can pursue a career as a physical education teacher within the UK and Internationally. You are eligible to apply for registration to the Teaching Council of Ireland via the qualified abroad route. As a PE teacher, you would be responsible for designing and implementing physical education curricula, teaching various sports and fitness activities, and promoting healthy lifestyles among students.
  2. Athletic Director: An M.Sc. in Physical Education can also qualify you for roles as an athletic director in schools or colleges. As an athletic director, you would oversee sports programs, manage sports facilities, coordinate athletic events, and support student-athletes in their academic and athletic development.
  3. Sports Coach: With a focus on physical education and sports, you can pursue a career as a sports coach. You could work with school or community teams, specialising in a particular sport or coaching multiple sports. Your role would involve teaching technical skills, developing training programs, and motivating athletes to reach their full potential.
  4. Physical Education Curriculum Specialist: Some educational institutions or educational publishing companies hire curriculum specialists to develop and improve physical education curricula. With your postgraduate qualifications, you can contribute to designing curriculum materials, assessments, and resources that align with current educational standards and promote effective physical education instruction.
  5. Sports Researcher: If you have an interest in research, you can pursue a career as a sports researcher. You could work in academic institutions or sports organizations, conducting research on various aspects of physical education, sports performance, or exercise science. Your findings can contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field and inform best practices.

These are some of the career prospects that a graduate with the postgraduate qualifications of MSc Physical Education, PGCEi, and QTS can consider. It’s important to note that specific opportunities may vary based on your location, past qualifications and experience, and personal interests.

Who else has studied this degree?

Follow the links below to read the many stories of our successful graduates.

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Blended Learning

MSc Physical Education

Delivered through blended learning, this MSc Physical Education provides you with an in-depth and relevant focus on the  concepts and the key skills underpinning physical education theory and pedagogy.


Full Time
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BA (Hons) Physical Education

Delivered over 3 years, the BA (Hons) Physical Education programme aims to develop your critical understanding of physical education, through theoretical, practical and work-based learning experiences. You will have the opportunity to qualify and work in professional sports coaching and the option to study a PGCEi and a MSc Physical Education.


Speak to an expert

Choosing a course that will lead you to your career of choice is a significant decision. Understanding the delivery modes, supports available, career opportunities and further study options are all key considerations when making your choice. Our course adviser team are experts in the courses Portobello offers, the employment prospects and possible progression routes to Masters programmes – they will guide you through the detail and support you with any queries you may have.

It is important you make the right choice for you and choose the Institute and course that will best suit your needs.

Your Consultant

Jay Lester


As the Sports Admissions Advisor, I work with students from our sports departments. I get to play a vital part in the advancement of peoples lives and career ambitions from supporting students at the start of their journey through education, taking that forward with them as a lifelong passion and desire. Knowledge is key and I carry this message to all who have an interest in joining any of our sports courses.

What do you enjoy about working in Portobello?  

Being in admissions for the sports department you are lucky because not only do you play a vital part in the student’s life by way of providing clear advice on courses you also get to know the students and understand their visions from the very first interaction.

What inspires you about working in education?  

Education has always been a passion of mine as I do firmly believe that with the knowledge and skills for our desired careers, we can really go on to accomplish anything in life. I don’t believe that barriers shouldn’t exist when it comes to education, and I like to ensure nobody else feels they should either.

Have you a story that you recall that touched you/made you laugh/made you cry? 

Many of us can recall that one person be it an old schoolteacher or a college tutor who took that extra bit of interest in us, I believe these occurrences are pivotal. I’ve been fortunate enough in life to see the impact education and a second chance can do for people this attracted me into the career I have today.

Why do you want to help students to decide on their course choice?  

I love being a source of support and guidance for students as they navigate through the learning world. Portobello Institute is a special place to do this. I feel very fortunate to work alongside such a dedicated and warm-hearted team and love the dynamic and accommodating environment provided to meet everyone’s needs at every step of their journey.

Book a consultation

How do I apply?

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college

Applicants will be required to have a minimum of a 2.2 (or equivalent) in a related subject discipline. You should also submit an up-to-date CV and copies of awards/professional qualifications.

For non-standard entry, applicants would need to be able to demonstrate a comparable academic standard through past studies and relevant work experience.

Application Process

Step 1

Complete the online booking form.


Step 2

Applicants will be contacted for confirmation of the entry criteria.

Step 3

Confirmation of a place will be given to applicants immediately meeting the criteria.

Applicants who do not meet the criteria, may be required to attend an interview with an offer of a place on the programme issued following assessment of suitability. Applicants confirm acceptance of offer by returning acceptance form.

Please note places on this course are only confirmed once tuition fees have been received.

Fees & Payment Options


Course Price

Year 1 base fee


Exam Body Reg. Fee


Overall Course Price

Total amount due


Easy Payment Plan

Payment Option 1

30% deposit payment (€2,767.50), followed by 6 scheduled payments on the first of each month, commencing the 1st of the month after the start date of the course. Includes one off instalment fee of €295.

  • €1,076.25 due in month 1
  • €1,076.25 due in month 2
  • €1,076.25 due in month 3
  • €1,076.25 due in month 4
  • €1,076.25 due in month 5
  • €1,076.25 due in month 6

Year 2 Fees

Course Price – €8,495.00

Exam Body Reg. Fee – €885.00

Similar payment plans to year 1 available

Available Courses

Course Delivery Mode Start Date Duration Fees Per Year
MSc Physical Education, PGCEi & QTS package
Delivery Mode
Blended Learning
Start Date
7th October 2023
2 years
Fees Per Year


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