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Liam English – The Path to PE Teaching

Graduate Diploma Physical Education

Liam English – The Path to PE Teaching

Liam English – The Path to PE Teaching

Liam English’s journey towards realising his dream of becoming a Physical Education (PE) teacher is a story of determination and seizing opportunities. After three years of studying mathematics and economics, Liam took a year out to work, including a stint in Canada. However, his passion for teaching remained, leading him to consider pursuing a master’s degree.

“Teaching was always the plan,” Liam reflects. “I always wanted to be a teacher, but I didn’t think I’d be able to get into P.E. teaching as I didn’t have the modules.”

Liam then discovered a potential pathway to his dream career through Portobello Institute’s online course offerings. “I saw this course with Portobello Institute online,” he recalls. “I really looked into it, and I said this would really suit me.”

The flexibility of Portobello Institute’s online course format allowed Liam to continue working while pursuing his studies, a crucial factor in his decision-making process. “The course was mainly online, so I was able to work for a year as well,” Liam explains.

Recognising the alignment between his passions and the opportunities provided by Portobello Institute’s Graduate Diploma in Physical Education, Liam made the decision to pursue the programme. “I felt that the Graduate Diploma would really suit me, and I went for it,” he says.

Through his journey with Portobello Institute, Liam discovered the immense rewards that come with a career in PE teaching. “For anyone that wants to pursue a career in PE teaching, if they’re genuinely passionate about sports and physical activity, being a PE teacher is definitely massively rewarding,” Liam emphasises.

Following the completion of his Graduate Diploma in Physical Education, Liam’s dedication and hard work paid off as he was accepted into the PME programme at the University of Limerick, a significant milestone in his journey towards becoming a qualified PE teacher.

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